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So far ive played every matchup using just mech so here are my thoughts

TvP: The best mech matchup right now

It sounds weird and this mainly is due to toss not understanding how to defeat it but its really a free win if you knew how to play TvP mech before. Your main comp is widow mine tank viking and your early and mid game is now SUPER strong because you can shut down blink with stronger tank and now tempests have to get in real close to deal dmg to tank line or mine line. As for late game when i secure my 4th i get 3 ports and start BC production then i throw away my tanks. Mine Bc viking is basically unbeatable. Im trying something where i send BCS at his army, yamato, then teleport back to main. If he gets Ht ghosts are something you can try but so far since feedback is useless i havent seen it.

TvZ: Hard but better

I do have to say im seeing alot more swarmhosts but ive figured out that having a few thors and hellbats shred them now. Mainly its the same thing. Get tanks, vikings and ghosts to snipe vipers and corruptors. Its a bit easier now because suiciding ravager roach into tank lines arent cost efficent now. Hydras are ridicolusly powerful but hellbat thor tank still trade very well. I suggest adding ravens for PDD they are useful for dealing with swarmhosts AND hydras

TvT: The Hardest

Unfortunatley the BC buff hurts you the most in this matchup. While you are getting tanks and vikings the enemy bio player can tech up to Bcs and now since they dont require energy can keep sniping vikings with yamato and unless you invest heavily into turrets you cant really stop them. Even if you do he will just snipe the turrets. Ghosts cant negate it anymore so that is a big damper on TvT mech v Bio. Maybe getting your own Bc's? Not sure and ill do more testing

Is there a ladder or Match finder for the test maps now?

Also good feedback
08/18/2016 03:41 PMPosted by Damenx
Is there a ladder or Match finder for the test maps now?

Also good feedback

Not yet, it's just on custom maps for now. David Kim said it will come out later but didn't give a date.
@Atom: so how do you deal with proxy tempest disruption sphere?
TvP mech is screwed if the toss does Pheonix opening.
The comments made me think of High Templars and Feedback... since they're so accessible, Feedback really makes it so powerful vs units that requires energy. If Feedback wasn't on an easily accessible unit (it used to be on the Dark Archon) then I believe StarCraft 2 would have been more strategic (but no it had to be that way because of poor Protoss design, promotion of hard counters, and originally balanced on extremely small maps).

It sucks what could have been but either way I'm glad Mech is finally being looked at to become viable in all match ups. I'm just a tad concerned as to whether a late game Mech/Battlecruiser composition would be too strong for Protoss to take on (after BCs reaches critical mass)?

Maybe it wouldn't be an issue if Protoss goes critical mass Golden Armada? I remember playing against some Mech Terrans in HOTS and it was particularly tough when PDD had such a long lifespan timer. I think late game Mech/BCs is more manageable now but it's early to tell, hence my concerns about critical BC mass with Mech vs Protoss late game. All speculation here.

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