why cant i download legacy of void?

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i purchased legacy of the void. Got the email confirmation. Yet still i can't play. It prompts me to purchase it. Does it really take up to 72 hours? if so, why? that seems a little stupid that it takes 72 hours... Should have found a way to steal this game. steam is instant. GOG is instant. Any other gaming service PSstore or the xbox one, instant. Am i missing something? or is blizzard just so behind on the times.
Howdy Wallace,

I see you have Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm attached to the account you are posting on. I do not see an order from us for Legacy of the Void nor do I see a Legacy of the Void CD key attached to the account.

If you believe you ordered the game from us on the Battle.net account then the order might of failed completely check your bank, if you see the order then check to make sure you were logged into the correct Battle.net account or if you gained the CD key from another source make sure to redeem it Here. If you ordered the game from us and are having issues locating it our Customer Service team should be able to assist you Here.

Thank you!
it was charged to my credit card and i have the order number.
so now i have to wait 24 hours for a response. Probably won't be purchasing any more blizzard games.
okay now im really confused. I have two accounts with the same account name.
Is there a way of purchasing legacy of the void only? I don't want to pay for the full product when I already own wings of liberty & heart of the swarm

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