Not sending email so i can log verify account

Technical Support
It claims its sending a email to me but its not so i cant verify my account making it impossible to log in i can access everything else just fine tough
Same issue here. Any ideas?
This could be related to maintenance that occurred this morning. If the issue continues I'd double check your Email filters are setup correctly Here.

After that you would want to contact Customer Service to help troubleshoot or update the Email to something else Here.
So this is still happening at the end of 2017. I've checked all my filters and verified my account by logging into the webpage.

Still when I log into Starcraft 2 I get a message saying that I've been sent a verification email.

Very frustrating
same issue. any idea how to fix it?
I'm having trouble just contacting support. It seems like it just goes in an endless loop spitting me right back out into the main support homepage.

I actually couldn't even post a new topic about it.

If someone from Support can contact me on my e-mail I'd appreciate it.
I'm getting the same message :(
Having this problem now too :(
Same here, First time playing and coming up with the same error on login in but no email has been sent.
me too :S problem problem
Hey all,

To help get you all back in to your accounts, please contact Customer Support here.

In the future, please create a new forum post instead of replying to such old forum post.

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