How do you macro well as Protoss

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Protoss is a race I've always wanted to play but I suck at Protoss macro. I just don't know what to build, when to expand, and how to deal with different situations(Like cheese). I've gotten to plat with zerg and would really like to get good with Protoss too cheers.
You could look up various builds and try those or watch pro games.

Standard is 2 gate cyber into Immortal Archon Chargelot but I see a lot of weird comps.

Off a FE throw down two more gates, Robo, and a TC (Research Blink and Glaives) constant Adept/Stalker warpins.
Deflect Harass
Expand, 5 more gates and Templar Archives warp in 5 HTs.
If they stay on bio get Colossus. If they go Liberator heavy go Tempests.

Defending cheese is all about scouting and experience.

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