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Hello fellow brotoss. After much deliberation I decided to jump back into SC2 and couldn't resist playing the new LoTV campaign but now that I'm done I want to start playing Ranked. Before playing LoTV I did placements for funzies in HoTS and placed Tier 3 Diamond but in LoTV I am T3 Gold. I chalk that up to having no idea what timings I should look out for vs zerg and terran. It seems we have a ton of new units which has created a long list of build orders and I really don't know where to start.

I'm looking to find out just a couple things to work on till I get my mechanics back.

1) Timings to look for against Zerg and Terran both offensive and defensive.

2) Simple "Go to" build orders till I get back in the swing of micro mechanics. (ie. what's the new 3 gate robo etc)

3) Any general changes to units that have fallen to the way side or are now the new "thing" to use.

Anything helps, looking forward to your responses.
Fast spires generally come out at around 7:30, so mutas at 8:00.

WM drops come at...4:30, I think?

Those are the only two off the top of my head.
Zling speed fastest by 3:30

WM/16 marine Stim drop all hit around 4:30-5:30

Pretty much anything crazy hits at 4:30 like oracles/dts

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