Is fansite needed to list the Ranks of Units?

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Like the title suggests, I tried searching for the different ranks and how many kills it takes to get your individual units to them, and nothing comes up on my mainstream Internet Search Engine.

If community players , mods , and admins see this let me knoww, I volunteer to start with protoss units, starting with Probes and Zealots all the way up to Motherships.
...what? What are you talking about?
For example.

Units when clicked on, display there name, kills, and rank.

0 Kills
Rank - "Queen of Blades"

Siege Tank
est 18 kills
Rank - Seargent

The Question is should I or someone make a Starcraft 2 Lore page with the displaying the different Units and Ranks, by testing how many kills it takes each unit to level up ranks and listing the names of the different ranks.

It's time consuming but if everyone does a different unit and posts it here it will be somewhere to view for people interested.
It may be more of a General interest and it's really only creating more Starcraft lore, for people to browse through.
May effect games in 1 slight way, organizing and microing units better per Rank, at high levels.
Learners of the game myself are at a level of countering the enemy units not really organizing armies with time consuming micro of Individual ranks.
Quick way to find out would be to goto the unit tester. Mutas vs lings, zealots vs Voidrays, muraders vs liberators.
Where can I find that noobtastic?
Lotv unit tester
1-4 Disciple
5-9 Mentor
10-14 instructor
15-19 master
20+ Executor
OIC, [i][/i]so it does not change per unit, all units rank up the same.
09/20/2016 09:04 PMPosted by TheHand
OIC, [i][/i]so it does not change per unit, all units rank up the same.

Yes, at least in multiplayer. Campaign hero units have their own rank(like Queen of Blades)
It would be nice to have a list of all somewhere, databased for easy leisure viewing.

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