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After playing an arcade game and going back to the main menu attempting to enter another one causes the lobby entering message to never end. The only way to solve this is to restart client.
Hey TotalEntropy, thanks for your post!

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. In support of that, can you tell me what arcade map you were playing on?

If I were to enter a Squadron Tower Defense game and leave within the first minute or two it would always occur. I cannot remember if it occurred after other games as well. I have not noticed it happening recently although I have not been playing that arcade as much.
not only that... co-op aswell...
I have not experienced any issues with co-op although I always play in a group of 2 thus do not have to go through the matchmaking which I believe is what you are talking about.
It happens to me with The Thing -Arctic- a lot.
This problem or more that issue to don't be able to join an (Arcade) lobby but get infinite loading times has existed for more than 2 weeks yet, unless we logout and re-login which is absolutely time consuming, makes players massively angry like I am and totally ruins the fun about SC2.

Even other players are not that clever enough to "quickly" logout and to re-login again but to exit and to restart SC2 completely which needs a lot more time just to join an Arcade lobby after nearly EVERY god damn MATCH?!!

There were 2 smart SC2 updates within past 24h, but these seem to were without any successful fixes. Even the changelist hasn't been updated, so those 2 smart updates/fixes must be about that issue.

What I have noticed after the latest patch is, whenever I get that infinite loading time to join an Arcade lobby and then logout, a message appears:

"Map couldn't be downloaded!"

This message is new and has been the only message or any information about that issue. I am from Central Europe, but this problem also appears/happens on the US Servers.

Really, it is about time to finally fix this!!

Arcade Maps I usually play on?

* Squadron TD Beta v6.4 - by kelson
* Income Wars (official) v8.15 - by bone
* Desert Strike HotS v1.15 - by Tya
* Battlefront Card Game LotV v1.5 - by substandard
* ..and some others

Really, nearly after every or 2nd Arcade game, this massively annoying problem appears and ruins my fun completely!! I am absolutely upset!!

This doesn't meet the Blizzard Standards.
I've run into this issues a few times after playing SCU and mineralz survival as well. Its annoying when it happens, because my game tends to be slow about actually closing, and then slow when getting back on. And by then, I usually end up having to wait for a new lobby to show up, or make one myself and wait.
This still hasn't been fixed yet.
I've been having it since the latest batch of patches.
Most of the time it's right after the first game.
Sometimes I get two or three in.

Very irritating.
Has been a very common problem with The Thing -Arctic- for a couple years now I think. That map seems to have more lobby entering problems than other arcade maps.
The problem also occurs after exiting a Marine Arena game. Whether or not hitting play again or bouncing out to the splash screen, whatever else is attempted to join leave us with infinite lobby load times.

iMac 4.0 32GB RAM 2TB SSD latest OS X.
When is this bug getting fixed?
This massive crap still hasn't been fixed...
Add me to this train. I have the never ending lobby entering message as well. Have to restart SCII each time i play
Hi, This is still happening to the Entropy TD map. Does Blizzard plan to fix this? Telling us that you are aware and working on a fix is meaningless to us and at this point. Fix or no fix? Come on guys. You are better than this.
So anyone reading this and having the same issue with his arcade map.

I fixed it (I make Entropy TD).
It seems like the problem was caused by having end game (in victory or defeat) under the event of player left game.
(though it might have been other stuffs, I made quite few changes until it got fixed)
its almost happening with every map. So it should lay in the coding?
I forget to say, the issue not that the map and lobby you try to join have something bug, its that the last map you played screwed something up when you exited it and that seems to be what I said in my comment.
Me too "Entering Lobby" forever

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