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Anyone have any recommendations on standard PvZ macro game VODs?
My build for protoss is after 1 gateway cybernetics core and second base you do this:

To start i try to get first pylon and gateway asap then cybernetics core asap after. Second base I make right when I have 16 probes and gas filled (in general not always). Second base after i'm starting researching warpgates. Second base faster if larger map. Faster meaning before gateway or before cybernetics core or before mothership core or before filled with probes.,

At second expansion get more pylons and then get
a second gateway, 1 forge (then upgrade 1 thing), robot facility

Then maybe 3 minutes later 3 more gateways. For a total of 5 gateways 1 robo. This might win the game right here if you attack hard.

Then when the 2 bases are filled you get 3 more gateways. so you have 8 then third base. OR keep going on 5 gateways 1 robot facility then third base.
OR- get twilight council for more upgrades and second forge (maybe blink stalkers if you need)

Starport i don't make unless i make a oracle to surprise or im going a late game skytoss. (sky protoss).

Vs protoss I feel like immortals are the best unit so I would make 2 robo facilities and spam immortals.

Vs terran I think Colossus is the best so i upgrade range on them and attack with ground and it works best for me. I do same tactic from Wings of liberty since im newer to this expansion and it still works.

Vs zerg splash damage is good and colussus is good but a little less. Oracles really are the best surprise attack for me but don't over play them. You should focus on upgrades with forge. If you get to a late game sky-toss should own zerg if upgraded which your lucky if the game lasts like over 20 minutes. In general you need alot of units and you can't let zerg fill up more bases with you with drones and wait around for him to pile up injections with queens and kill you.

Im a gold protoss so this is just intermediate skill level but it should help bronze and silvers maybe.

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