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Hello guys i used to play platinum in heart of the swarm but i quit playing.
I got lotv when it was released just to play the campaign and see how the story ended so i havent played any multiplayer seriously for like 3 of years.

My questions:
What is the general meta for protoss curently?
What kinds of army compositions against what races?
Colosus or disruptor?
What are the best openers against each races?
What are the best strategys?

Also what are the things to look out for the other races and?
With people using this comp
Stalker Distuptor
MMM with liberators and mines vs Adept/Stalker heavy comps with your choice of AOE.

But at the Platinum range it varies a lot in both PvP and PvZ.

PvZ I run into a lot of Roach/hydra/lurker, ling/bling/Mutas, Roach/Ravager etc.

PvP is a crap shoot.
Here's a good guide in Neebs play style.
10/15/2016 08:44 AMPosted by PleaseNerfMe
What are the best openers against each races?

Three gate + robo is generally considered pretty standard.

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