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Though StarCraft 2 has reached its main story's conclusion, Blizzard is continuing with adding new features to the game. It's unlikely we are going to see a StarCraft 3 for quite a while because of the continued profitability of StarCraft 2 and because the development time would be enormous as StarCraft 2's was.

What could be potential between then and now is a game of different genre such as a shooter or even an RPG. With Blizzard having created the game Overwatch that expands beyond the PC realm and onto consoles, could it be possible that they might then look into reviving a game like StarCraft: Ghost? For those not aware, this was a game meant to be on both PC and consoles as a third person shooter with Nova as the main character and would have both multiplayer and single-player. While the game was technically "put on hold", pretty much everyone considers it canceled.

Now that Blizzard has been branching out with different genres with Hearthstone and Overwatch, would it be good for Blizzard to consider creating something new that was contained in the StarCraft universe? I think it could create new ways that they can expand the story and universe of StarCraft beyond what an RTS setting can tell.
Next gen MMO

I can see it easily, but the question is, can they really pull it off ? And do they even wanna do it for now, considering WoW has still probably 5mil or more subs.

Under absolutely NO circumstances should they make an MMO of StarCraft.
I don't think StarCraft would work as an MMO. In spite of the Xel'Naga nonsense, it is still largely Science Fiction, not Science Fantasy, and MMOs just don't work effectively in a pure Sci Fi environment.

However, I still have hope for a starcraft Shooter like Ghost. They even have the engine from Overwatch they could repurpose.
ARPG shooter like Mass Effect.
Just... more mission packs? :(
Mo mission pack, then hopefully a SC3 in 10 years...
I'd like more mission packs, at least two more sets - one focusing on the Zerg and then one focusing on either Alarak or the Purifiers.

With the Zerg I would actually love one focused on Stukov. Of all the characters in the universe right now, he is the most dis-placed. Something following him trying to find his place in the world would be interesting.

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