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My available disk space reads at 46.81 GB on my main hard drive. Blizzard client tells me that 30 GB is required for installation of SC2... client also tells me I have insufficient space on my disk to install, besides system info telling me different.

same problem.
Hey there,

Usually when we see this it's because there's not enough room on the drive to store both the game client and temporary files that the application needs to move over. You only need about 30 GB of storage to hold the game on your hard drive, but the files are temporarily copied to the Macintosh /tmp directory while they are installed. This means that you usually need a decent amount of extra space on your main hard drive for the install to work.

One thing I would suggest before doing anything else is rebuilding your spotlight index. In some situations, Spotlight won't have an accurate picture of your hard drive, so you'll actually be missing more (or less) space than it indicates. After that, I'd recommend clearing more space. Delete some large unused files or move them to a different disk, and empty your trash.
sc2 needs the latest free 10.12 os for it to work (downloaded in app store)

Ways to Speed Up your Mac Even More

I used clean my mac 3 app also works to speed up my mac further by deleting unneeded crap, fast and free, takes like 1 min

I also used monolingual app also works to speed up your mac even more by deleting all the excess language software progamed in your mac, fast as hell finished deleting in 30 sec

Delete Both of These Apps after you use them to save even more space.

When you check your ram and cpu usage in activity monitor make sure ur not running some super taxing program and close it. Your ram usage differs depending on what your doing, and it will go into different programs as you jump around. Just a note ram never sits, it's always being used. so even if your doing nothing your free ram should be very little.

deleting your wings of liberty installer, your past google chrome versions, your hots installer, etc, all the old crap hogging the hd and your old !@# mac will run at blazing speeds
I ran into this recently wanting to blast some zerg again. For me the following helped:

Basically since checks *before* it starts to download, and its checking the pure amount that's available, Mac os Mojave doesn't start to remove these hidden backup files created by Time Machine. If you downloaded something big, the the OS would purge the files it needed to to make the room. There is a command in the link to force purge the files.

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