How I've Learned to 4 Gate Again (PvZ)

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Pylon block, zerg takes gold, snipes my first moveout, does not defend vs FF on the ramp
FF the ramp and you win vs 2 base Zerg

Several mistakes on my end results in my push losing quite a bit of steam
11 pool gas into gold natural. I forgot warp gate and could not mount a counterattack and lost

Have you grown tired of trying to play PvZ macro style? Want to back to the days of just 4 gating them to death? Well, with this unorthodox style you can! Basically, we are going to channel Has and make Zerg extremely uncomfortable by pylon blocking their bases. As the old adage goes, a 1 base Zerg is dead in the water vs a 1 base Protoss (they aren't really one base though, just a denied natual)

Any Protoss worth their salt knows how to 1 base all in. Here's the goal of this build. We pylon block the natural and patrol for a possible third, denying this expo for as long as we can. Then we elevator to their main, FF the ramp, and collect ladder points on 1 base.

ze build (general gist)

Send probe immediately, pylon block their natural and head towards a third and patrol it.

Standard opener 14 pylon (pylon on their natural), gateway, gas, core, gas, gateway. (Make probes until you have 22), get a robo as soon as you can afford after 2 gate.

First 2 units out of gateways should be stalker adept. Try to snipe OLs. Most Zergs got pretty complacent with them. Follow up gateway units should be 2 sentries.

Add 2 gates after the robo is done as soon as you can afford. Get a immortal for a stronger but slower push or get a warp prism ASAP and just go for the throat. Head out when you have a decent size army. Close off your ramp and make a MSC. KEEP HER HOME FOR RUNBYS

Kill the Zerg. Mileage depends on your Warp prism micro as well as FF. If you get to the ramp, get additional sentries over other gateway units.

There you go, I've embraced our roots boys. No longer shall I play macrotoss. It's time for some old school shenanigans. I will be updating this style periodically as I play more games.


4 gate warp prism all in with pylon blocks on their hatcheries. Works on Overgrowth at the moment.
lol I (z) got 4 gated on daybreak, oh the nostalgia. It felt like WOL... 4gate is sooo strong but all you have to do is hold on maybe even down to pulling drones and it's gg as it's an all in for toss. Daybreak!

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