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OK, I know sentries are pretty good for faking out your opponent and scouting with hallucinations, but what I'd like to see sometime in the future: Hallucinated buildings. If someone sees a phoenix it makes them think "Ahha, it must be a stargate", or "Hmm... pretty fast sentry scout." Now, imagine if you will, instead of actually going for a tech path, like say Dark templar, you fake it out by hallucinating that building so when they scout it out, they see a darkshrine, and instantly start prepping to counter DTs, when instead youre going robo? May be abosutely stupid, but it sounds kinda cool to me...
If a Terran scanned your base he'd see it was a hallucination.

Plus the energy would be better off used somewhere else.

Even though I still wish a hallucinated warp prism could fake warp in units.
I like it, for a late scouter the 2nd base fake increases the amount of blown strategy. I like the big unit spam but like JJCheatah said the Sentry is enough as is.

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