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Bug Report
I call it a bugg, because the game will never be launched because of a certain member. Who gain a grudge vs a other member or against his changes he had done in the game or did not.

He is now trolling over and over again the Arcade map, Star Battle X. By creating lobby creating a new lobby with a fake account. So that no one can start playing that game or you need to make a private lobby. [its one of the populair games of the arcade].

My idea would be to change the system how Arcade now works. Create it so the most people in a certain lobby that open up, will get priorty on the other lobbies.
Hey Cherrycoke,

Thanks for your report, that sounds very frustrating. I've notified our developers, but in the meantime, you can create another lobby for Star Battle X, then click the Open to Public button near the top right of the lobby window. Players using the Open Games list should then be taken to the lobby you just created.

A quick way to do this from the Open Games list: right-click Star Battle X, select Game Info, then click Create Game, then click Open to Public.

Hope this helps!

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