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Hunters list:

Name: Andrew Freeman
Age: 29
Rank: Captain
Class: Marine
Primary Weapon: Gauss rifle with both standard rounds and LTL, Less than Lethal, rounds.
Secondary Weapon: Gauss Pistol, Standard and LTL rounds.
Consumables: Tear Gas (x3) Frag Grenade (x2)
Other Gear: Grappling hook, cuffs, CMC 400 suit with modifications to enable longer ranged comm usage and to allow more more maneuverability.

Tracker: Passive.
Commander: Passive

Appearance: Stands at six foot even and weighs approximately 190 pounds. Muscular, clean shaven at all times, hair kept buzzed down to barely more than an half inch in length. Armor is kept clean and in perfect maintenance.

Name: Emily Harvard
Age: 19
PI: 7.4
Rank: Specialist
Primary Weapon: C-10 Canister Rifle.
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
Consumables: EMP (x2), Plastic explosives (x1 pack or three bars, primers (x3), medkit (x3)
Other Gear: Detonator, Standard issue ghost suit, weapon tooling kit, wire cutters, welding torch,
Abilities: Telepathy, psionic healing, cloak, demolitions expert, jury rig, weapons engineering training, basic medical training,
Physical description: 5'5", violet eyes (changes color with her mood), silver blonde hair, scars on her arms, missing part of her left index finger (only the tip to the first knuckle down), missing right pinkie finger, one long scar on her left cheek running to her ear, tattoo of the Harvard family Crest on her right and left shoulder. Suit is standard issue Dominion ghost suit with violet color to the energy lines.

Name: Mika Asura
Age: 28
Class: Marine, Ex Wrangler
PI: 3.7
Rank: Specialist
Primary Weapon: AGR-14 Rifle
Secondary Weapon: C-7 Pistol, Neo-Steel Claymore-style Sword
Consumable: Tazer Bola(x1 resuable), Net Grenade (x1), EMP/Stun Grenade (x3), Fragmentation Genades (x2)
Other Gear: CMC-400 Series Armor (Light variant, and a few software addons)
Skills/Abilities: Satellite Uplink (self explanatory, very versatile), Wrist Grenade Launcher (expands the use of her many grenades), Servo Overload (Increases Sprint Speed)
Backstory: TBW
Appearance: Grey and Red CMC Armor with a little less bulky plating. (Think like a slimmer War-Pig armor). Asian descent, long straight black hair, dark green/brown eyes, athletic build, generally stern-faced.

Name: Zack Withers
Age: 22
Class: Ghost
Rank: Sargent
PI: 7
Primary Weapon: C-30B Prototype Canister Rifle
Secondary Weapon: twin Shredder machine pistols
Consumable: Flashbang (x3), Frag Grenade (x2), medkit (x4)
Other Gear: HES, com unit, weapon cleaning kit
Skills/Abilities: Cloak, Snipe, Influence mind, pyrokinesis, Psi Drive
Appearance: Wears a blood red and jet black HES with the helmet usually up. When he takes it off, Has blood red eyes, fiery red hair cut short and a scar running along his right cheek from a sparring match. Athletic build with toned but not huge muscles.

Name: Roxie Bradshaw
Age: 25
Class: Marine
Rank: PFC
Primary Weapon: Torrent SR-8 Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Wrist mounted gauss machine pistol
Consumable: Flashhammer Grenades (x3)
Other Gear: Combat shield, Combat knife, Customized CMC "500" armor
- CQC Specialist (passive)
- Berserker (triggered)
- Shoulder Charge / Shield Bash (active)
- Self: 6' 2", Powerfully built, Slightly longer than shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, typically held back in a loose ponytail, Freckles, green eyes.
- Armor: Primarily based off of the standard 400 series, Roxie's suit features the following; Reinforced and extended greaves and vambraces, Reinforced torso and shoulder armor, A marauder style helmet and kinetic foam. The modifications significantly improve the suit and it's wearer's survivability at the cost of maneuverability.

Name: Peter Alainkov
Age: 25
Class: Combat Medic
Rank: PFC
Primary Weapon: AGR-14 (8mm gauss rifle, customized for 2 firing modes with twin mag slots)
Secondary Weapon: C7 Stinger (8mm gauss pistol customized for 2 ammo types with dual mags slots)
Consumable: Smoke x4, EMP & flash-bang x2 grenades
Other Gear: Mil-spec Armored hostile environment suit, medpack, medical omni-tool, armor repair kit & combat knife.
- Field Medicine
- Adrenaline Boost (functions as bullet time)
- Viciously Cold-blooded / Twisted in the Attic
Appearance: 5' 10", lithe, short blond hair, piercing blue eyes and boyish good looks

^TheLostMorph ^
Name: Jake Matsu
Age: 20
Class: Ghost
Rank: Corporal
Primary Weapon: C-20a
Secondary Weapon: Psi-gauntlet
Psi Index Level: 8.6
Consumable: Shredder grenades (x2) EMP (x3)
Other Gear: Cirus-class Ghost HES with slightly heavier armor particularly on the chest and back and gold energy lines. Upgraded Cloaking device. Omni-tool.
Skills/Abilities: Cirus cloak, Telepathy, Electro-magne-kinesis, Technopathy, snipe
Appearance: short messy black hair, 6'1", slight but well muscled and athletic build, shining amber eyes, generally wears slightly loose clothes when not in armor.

Name: Jared Gavroe
Age: 42
Class: Psionic Medic.
Rank: Private
Primary Weapon: Spike Thrower
Secondary Weapon: Taser
Consumable: Flashbangs (x3)
Other Gear: Psi-screen, Tablet, Specialized HUD Goggles*, security bypass equipment,
*Infrared vision, temperature and distance measurements, quick information access.
-Sense Psionic Activity:
-Computer Specialist:
-Gun Proficiency:
Appearance: His face is covered in damage. His left eye is missing, and covered with a patch. His nose is off kilter, pointing a little off to the right. Several of the teeth on the left side of his face are either broken or missing entirely. His skin and hair are dark, with a style that keeps the hair cut close and professional. He isn't well built, but it isn't as though he is out of shape.
Runners list:

Name: Kayla Minerv
Age: 19
Primary Weapon: C-150 Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
Consumable: None
Other Gear: Secured datapad
-PI 5.4: Kayla is Psionic, and has several abilities. Including: Precognition, Mind Trick, and Telepathy
-Martial Artist
-Weapon Specialist, Street Kid
Appearance: Shoulder length dark brown hair frame her face. Dark eyes and tanned skin. Her frame is lithe and clearly well exercised, like a gymnast.

Name: Tarioshi 'Tari' Onaka
Age: 23
Primary Weapon: C-10 Canister Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
Psi Index Level: 6.5
Consumable: Stunner Grenade (x2)
Other Gear: Stolen Ghost Suit. Backpack filled with some clothes, tech, tools, credits and a couple fake ID's.
Skills/Attributes: Technopath, Telepathy, Pilot training,
Appearance: Shoulder length White/Silver hair, 5'8", Lithe, Well toned athletic build, Tanned,

Name: "The Fixer" (real name unknown)
Age: Unknown. Assumed to be anywhere in his 20s or 30s.
Primary Weapon: Custom BOSUN FN92 sniper rifle modded with experimental tech (made with new ultra-light composites and a micro internal compensator for minimal kick)
Secondary Weapon: Gauss Machine Pistol
Consumable: Armory/Equipment caches (x2)
Other Gear: Omni-tool, Data-pad, Remote sensor drones, Combat knife & Customized HEV armor, Personalized medivac w/ cloaking device
Skills/Attributes: (all passive/active)
- Stealth Operator / Assassin
- Marksman
- Tech / Engineering expert
- Master strategist / One Step Ahead
Appearance: Unknown. All sightings of Fixer describe a man of about 6 feet in all black combat armor with a matching trench coat and full helmet. Ethnic background is unknown and all recordings of his voice are so heavily filtered that you wouldn't be able to recognize it if you heard him without the filter in place.
Other: Frequently uses the Ace of Spades as a calling card and uses "Ace" as his radio callsign.

Name: Jake "Slasher" Hunter
Age: 41
Primary Weapon: Plasma Assault Rifle(Various functions)
Secondary Weapon: Death's Scythe .50 caliber Pistol/Twin short swords
Consumable: Medkit (x2), Signal Beacon (x1 reusable), adrenaline shot (x2)
Other Gear: Grenade Pouch, Long/short range com, CMC-550 Customized Armor, Twin short swords, Fake IDsx2
Skills/Attributes: Combat Veteran:
Protoss Training:
Friend of the Protoss:
Active Camouflage:

Appearance: 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat. Armor is painted red and blue, with the Jolly Rodger painted in black on both shoulders and a white wolf on the visor, armor is also slimmed down to allow for extra mobility and movement range and has a small, retractable cannon on left shoulder along with a retractable arm cannon.

Swords appear to be large trench knives

CMC-550 is simply the designation given to the armor by Jake to save time on describing it. Heavily customized but is still the CMC-300 he was issued by the Confederacy at heart.

Armor is outfitted with a Psionic Detection Matrix, meaning psionically cloaked opponents are no threat. Also has infrared and magnetic view modes for his visor.

Name: Dan Flint
Age: 28
Primary Weapon: Needle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Combat knife
Consumables: Nero-poison x2, Smoke Grenades x2,
Other Gear: Two false teeth: one with a lethal poison, and the other has a potent poison that puts Dan into a dreamless sleep and can't be woken with out an antidote. UED issued ghost uniform. Heavily encrypted data pad.
Mind Wipe: Can remove memories from the minds of one target but has to be touching them.
One of masses: Can easily blend into large crowds especially when his enemies are distracted.
Cloak, Master telepath, Slight of hand expert.
Appearance: 6'3" with muscular build and blue eyes. Hair color would show as red but he keeps it to short for many to notice. Wears a standard ghost suit with UED emblems and medals apparent. His field suit only has the emblems of the UED and his squad. Due to being on the run from the Dominion he rarely wears the ghost suit. Has two scars across his face from when the UED lost Char to the Zerg. Various other scars are can be seen across his body but he generally keeps them covered.
Wears a suit with tie most of the time.
Last known location: Augustgrad, Korhal IV.

Name: Jessica Galler
Age: 19
Primary weapon: C-10 rifle
Secondary Weapon: Shock pistol, (pretty much a stun pistol)
Consumables: Attack Drones x2, Terrazine gas x3, medipack x2
Other gear: Spectre Suit, welder,
Skills/Abilities: Energy feed (Can absorb another persons energy. Has to be touching them.) Technopath, Telepath, Cloak, Enhance psionics (Requires terrazine gas.) Friend of the Protoss (Gains access to hiding in protoss space.)
Appearance: Stands at 5'8" with a slight athletic build. Dark red hair kept in a pony tail. Hazel eyes. No visible scars.
Last know location: Protoss space.

Name: John Flint
Age: 33
Primary Weapon: Revolver
Secondary Weapon:
Other Gear:
Sorry for the delayed post. Was more tired than I had thought I'd be yesterday. Anyway here we go.

Location: Augustgrad, Korhal IV.
Time: 0630

Captain Freeman is sitting in a briefing room waiting for the other members of his squad to arrive. He is currently eating a breakfast consisting of a bagel and fruit, drinking coffee, and reading information on his datapad.

Arriving now is Emily Harvard who takes a seat on the other side of the table afiery getting some tea answer fruit as well.

You all may post.
Jared was grimacing. He always was nowadays. Smiling and showing teeth was just downright heartbreaking. Previously blessed with perfect pearly whites, now his jaw was a mess. He walked into the briefing room, clutching tight the datapad. The datapad had the last gathered information on Minerv. He was going to take her down. Opening up the door to the briefing room, he strode in, a sense of pride touched his step, his back straight and paces long, before he sat down.
Mika walks in with a bowl of rice and a tub of synthetic seaweed. Never as good as the real stuff, but it's better than rations. Wearing her fatigues, sword on her back and pistol holstered.

http://imgur.com/MLAL6gV (like this except black hair and no radio thing and no sword on side, claymore on back; also black and red color scheme.)

She takes her sword, still in the sheath, off her back and stands it up against her chair and sits down and silently eats her rice and seaweed with her handmade metal chopsticks. While she eats she fiddles with her wrist pad, she can be heard mumbling something about "...connection is always sh*tty in here..."
Roxie walks into the briefing room, an outsized plate of food in one hand, eggs, breakfast sausage, toast, some sliced fruit; the works. Plonking herself down at the table, the farmgirl turned marine takes a minute to eat a bit before turning to Freeman;
"So, Capt, who are we after today?"
Zack had arrived just after Emily, sitting to the right of the door with his own datapad in hand, reading over the dossiers on their targets while waiting to find out who their first one would be. A name of particular interest that stuck out to the Ghost was Jake Hunter, a former Confederate Marine who'd bee on the run for some number of years from the Dominion. From what they had been given, he was suspected of being in league with Protoss Sabateurs, as well as being involved in the mass break out from New Folsom that had freed the Spectres that had been imprisoned over the years. What really stuck out, however, was his choice of weapons. The rifle he was said to carry served a multitude of purposes from an assault rifle to a sniper rifle, and he was confident enough to bring a pair of large knives, or swords as their size likely indicated, to a gun fight.

Guy that confident in his abilities should be handled with both caution and from a distance. But what I want to know is where he got that rifle and why the Dominion doesn't have tech like that... He shook his head slightly and sighed quietly. Likely because the weapon was a constantly improving prototype, but was the man wielding it the genius, or was there another?
Jake makes his way into the room, quickly realizing he was the last one there which was quite unlike him usually. "Interesting." He whispered to himself as he surveyed the room and found a good place to sit. [A good mix of Ghosts, Wranglers and non-psionics. Might be rough if we can't establish trust between all parties involved, though Emily might be a bit unstable.] Apparently he was also one of the few to not really bring any weapons aside from his psi-gauntlet but for those that didn't know what it was it didn't look like much more than a piece of adornment even when he wasn't wearing fatigues over his HES. Once seated he began to review any material available.

I set the data pad down and look up at the group. Everyone is here now good.

"Well if you'd look at the roster you'd see the list the higher ups has sent our way. First up is one we believe is here in our backyard." I pull up a recording of a man visiting a coffee shop here in Augustgrad. "This man goes by the name Sergi Golovko. The partial picture of his face here seems to match a man that went by the name of Hans Gruber, or as other know him Dan Flint."


I sit quietly listening while sipping at my tea. Absent-mindedly my free hand goes to running a finger over a silver coin I kept on a chain around my neck.
I finish the bite I had in my mouth and lookup from my wrist-pad, "what did this one do?" Intrigue lurking in my voice.

"Of recent relevance, supplying information to rebel groups, funding rebel groups, several counts of espionage, treason while under the alias of Hans Gruber... it's a bit of a long list but most of it is repetitive.

Five years ago was his earliest charge but when the UED disbanded after they lost Char he was reported as deceased so he wasn't pursued then. He has just now recently been determined as alive but where abouts were unknown till now."
Zack grimaced at the name Dan Flint, but no one would know it with his helmet still up. The man had gotten a lot of young Ghosts killed, and plenty of trainees. Never mind the fact that he'd turned students against the Dominion and each other through his lies and false promises. "It makes sense that, if it is Flint, he'd hide here on Korhal. The last place the enemy looks for you is in their own backyard after all."

"You three would probably know the best." I look at the three ghosts in turn.

Emily shakes her head. "I don't really remember much of the UED attack. I was hit with a mind wipe and a bad and rushed at that."
"My sentiments rest with those of Zack. Though I will lament that we're not supposed to kill." Jake adds with a grumble, though there was only one person on the list he wished dead.
"So is he to be blamed for all the renegade psions out there?" Jared asks, his voice level, his head tilting. Went off the chart five years ago alongside the UED, presumed dead... Sounds familiar. Might be a connection. A smirk crawled onto Jared's face, "Do we get any time with him?"
"I wouldn't call them rogue, since most of them were defectors that Flint talked into joining the UED. Calling them rogue, it infers they used to have some kind of sense of loyalty to the Dominion in the first place." Zack would have let it lie there, but he could see the smile creeping onto the other man's face before he asks his question. "You know, now that I think about it, you seem terribly eager to get time with Flint. Mind sharing with the rest of us or are you going to insist on keeping secrets about your connection with our target Kayla Minerv?" The man had her in his thoughts so much, Zack had a hard time not noticing it while trying to avoid reading the minds of others.
Jared sneers. "I think you can see my connection just fine. And I kept no secrets, no one asked." Jared stands up, and sets his datapad down. "But, fine, let me bore you." Clearing his throat. "Kayla Minerv. Has been going by the name Kayla Collins for the last while, appeared with forged documents a couple weeks after the UED fell on Char. Prior to that, Kayla had been brought into the Dominion Psi-ops program by one of my coworkers." Jared's tongue flicked between the missing gaps in his teeth. "About ten days ago Kayla Minerv was discovered alive after presumption of death after the event of Ursa, me being the discoverer. And doing so got me intimately introduced to the corner of a table." Jared bows theatrically and takes a step back, "Happy, Mr. Withers? Besides, I'm sure you should be upset with her. Whether you got a mind wipe or not, you should know she was at that academy with you. Same with Mr. Matsu over there." Jared takes a step back and a theatrical bow. "You need not be a teep to know things." It was a nice facade and all, but Jared's thoughts were telling a different story. Zack Withers. I know the least about him. A whole section of his history... gone. More than usual, at least. Even Psi Ops database doesn't know. Jared straightens and shrugs, "Although I suppose you're right about her not going renegade. More digging shows me she was likely a Confederate sympathizer from the start."

"It's is possible he is responsible for for Minerv but that isn't relevant to why we are going after him. Why do you want to know about having time with him? " I ask starting to get rather suspicious of Jared.
"Because if he is connected to Minerv. Rather, to anyone on our list, we could use that. Get information. Maybe even use him for bait." Jared shrugs. "For all we know, they've stayed in contact. No need for torture or the like for information either. Voicing assumptions, certain words and phrases, well, you can tell a lot. Especially if we have a Ghost here. All it takes is changes in the pattern. I would suggest the same with any target that we have suspicions about having connections to another."

As he sits down Jared voices another suggestion, "Or we could have our eyes tracking him perfectly for a bit before we try and capture. Either way, I think he's as much an asset right now as he is a target."

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