Old School FMP starcraft1 players

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Hey, whats up? Don't know if I'll find anyone from there on here but why not try?
Any old school fastest players from starcraft1 still playing this game? I'm from VGT and SCD. Anyways, there's a new league for fastest in starcraft that's going on. Decent amount of activity. OP UGL US. West
I am old school SC1 player. I haven't played in a while. I play on US EAST though when I do get on.
You have an aka? O:
Yes i am. Chelsea was my nick:) Goes by Microlife on Europe now.
i'm an old sc1 player now i stream twitch.tv/florencio4305
Hey I’m an old SC player used to be heavily involved with clans and many many battles the “community” for FMP is what transcended sc in my eyes I was iSoLaTe and Dr.iSo back when op slayer)s and op er- used to o back and forth with tons of players and matches. I played on east and west and just got this game again was hoping to reconnect with any old players?? This game is still amazing. I remember slayer)s, h[y]d[r]a, xG, mages, man there were so many. And good channels these days?

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