RTC 2017: Primal Ascension

Map Showcase
NA Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285094
EU Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/199343
Asia Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/116323
SE Asia Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/6/25672

(To use one of the above links search for "Run" in Windows. Start it and copy-paste the link into it. Press "OK". Start Starcraft 2 with the desired Server OR search for "RTC 2017: Primal Ascension" on the Arcade.)

Description: Amon has corrupted the Primal Pack Ascendants of Zerus. They seek to drain Dehaka's eggs to become the new Primal Pack Leaders. Protect the eggs and slay the Primal Pack Ascendants.

Gameplay: Players fight four unique bosses to prevent them from draining eggs near the players' bases. Each boss has its own abilities. Void Crystals are floating around each boss and protecting it from damage until destroyed. To reach a boss players have to fight Primal Zerg. Occasionally an Ash Worm will spawn near the eggs, which can also drain the eggs. The bonus objective includes fighting endless hordes of Primal Zerg.

Main Objectives:
- Slay the Primal Pack Ascendants (0/4)
- Ascendants Can't Drain 20 Eggs (0 drained)

Bonus Objectives:
- Collect Primal Zerg Biomass

Video Links:
- Beta 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hemp6b9i28U (Voice over)
- Beta 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P0GeLRdjfI (New boss Khailu)
- Beta 5: https://youtu.be/QHroUMX1zEE
- Beta 4: https://youtu.be/GkelDBefeP8 (New boss Skiver)
- Beta 3: https://youtu.be/hEb_qHjCRQQ (Special abilities for Void Crystals)
- Beta 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsDToLobfN8 (Decreased map size)
- Beta 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8lJ0KWiRSo

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/iBSVy
More Screenshots (spoilers): http://imgur.com/a/5hgMX

- Map basically finished. Only minor polishing and bugfixing left

My other projects:
- Starcraft 2 co-op campaign: Shadow of the Xel'Naga: http://www.outsiderxe.campaigncreations.org/sotx.php
- Warcraft 3: The Last Guardian: http://www.outsiderxe.campaigncreations.org/tlg.php
- Warcraft 3: Day of the Dragon: http://www.outsiderxe.campaigncreations.org/dotd.php
- Warcraft 3: Lord of the Clans: http://www.outsiderxe.campaigncreations.org/lotc.php
Hey OutsiderXE. Not sure if you remember me, it was quite a few years ago I tested some of the early maps for SotX.

Anyway, have yet to try this in person but got some early comments from watching the footage.

* First off, what is the lose condition, if the Pack Ascendants are not engaged in timely manner? Blizzard is very strict on the max 40 min from what I have read, but it seems in the preview that as long as one camps the eggs, nothing punishes you.

* Insignificant point, but Dehaka will 100% not be the announcer in the final release, should this ever reach the coop. Simply put, as a character he too high tier and anyone even a slight candidate for a coop-commander will never be an announcer. Dehaka even got his primal brood as his special units. Announcers tend to be much lower tiered characters. It will end up being some generic Primal Pack leader. But that doesn't really relate to the design.
Hi, yeah of course I remember you^^

* Only the first boss and the Ash Worms spawn at the eggs. The other 3 Ascendants spawn far away and have a very long range attack to drain the eggs.

* My assumption is that Blizzard will not use the winning map and modify it, but create a new one from scratch that is inspired by it. With that in mind they will change almost anything, including the announcer. So I thought, at least for my own map, I would prefer to have a well-known character instead of inventing a new one. ...Come to think of it it might actually have been funnier if the announcer was the last boss/your enemy^^
This map is visually impeccable. Did u hire former blizzard map makers for this?

But here are my problems:

1. The crystal thing is a nice addition but to many crystal take away from the boss fight. I would rather have the crystal appear 1st after boss has 100 % and 2 crystals when he is 50% hp, or something like that. Here its more like "fight crystals" and then "fight the mini boss".
Also i would have crystal further away which would make me split my troops. Like 4-5 command centers away?

What is missing is more unique crystals. If u played the excellent map by skunk he had a brilliant idea where u are facing different enemy's and objectives each time u play.
I think if u add to many crystals it would be confusing but why not use the skunk model? by that i mean every time the map offers 1 new crystal with unique ability.

2. My biggest issue with this map are the 4 boss. The boss battles feel way to clunky and are missing ability's. I played the enjoyable map by "viloetAiur" and the maker made cool,custom boss ability's. The boss need more unique spells in this map. Here its to many "evade the circle".
A boss that can camouflage? Boss that can multiply? Something cool like that!
If u need some ideas this site offers superhero powers: powerlisting.wikia

3. The boss are also way to static. The worst one being the primal hive boss. Here i though am i attacking a rock? Boss need to be moving speedy,left right,crazy moments. Unburrow,charging.

4. The last issue i have is that my ally as me thought this map could get tedious after a while facing the same boss battles. What this map needs is more boss. Why not have 8 boss battles??? that will like skunks model switch randomly each time u play. And the final boss could be 3 epic boss that too will switch each time u play.
Some boss dont seems to have a big theme. In blizzard maps u face a acid spewing monstrosity which was its theme. Than we had the eggs boss. The ravanger and primal hive boss i think need the most work. The mutalisk and worm boss are fine.

If u want to win this contest and u have the extreme talent to accomplish this map needs more things added. Especially boss and ability's.
Other than my criticism it was a enjoyable map that i would like to see in the co-op maps.
Excellent feedback!

I'm currently in the process of making the map smaller. I'm also implementing your Void Crystal idea so that they only appear after the boss has lost some life. I will try various things here... I would really love to implement more abilities and bosses, but I'm running a bit out of time. I'll see what I can do.

I've now made it so the NA Server now always has the last stable version and the EU Server has the version I am currently testing.
H-how do I start this map? :O
03/25/2017 06:56 AMPosted by CyborgHotDog
H-how do I start this map? :O

U can just go on the arcade and type primal, or primal ascension on either server. Should work.
Beta 2 is up on NA and EU!

- Decreased map size from 208x208 to 176x192 (-22%)
- Changed terrain art in various areas
- Removed second bonus objective
- First objective will now start 1 minute earlier
- Void Crystals are now summoned after dealing enough damage to a Boss
- Void Crystals will no longer stand still for long periods of time
- Decreased life of most Void Crystals and bosses
- Increased starting distance of Void Crystals at most bosses
- Changed minimap ping of Void Crystals to a circle
- Bosses will now wake up faster
- Bosses will no longer try to target invulnerable units
- Decreased tech and army size of Terran forces
- Removed many pre-placed Primal Zerg and Terran forces
- Terran forces will no longer use Cloak
- Improved pathing of Terran forces
- First attack wave now appears after 4.2 minutes
- Fixed color and text of objectives when failed
- Improved appearance of loading screen
- Structures within a radius of 4 are now destroyed when the Ash Worm unburrows
- Decreased life of Ash Worms from 4000 to 3200
- Carnozor can now be attacked by anti-air weapons
- Decreased size of Carnozor from 2.3 to 2.0
- Uldra and Carnozor now push back stationary air units they are colliding with
- Increased minimap radius of Uldra and Carnozor
- Structures within a radius of 6 are now destroyed when Uldra unburrows
- Uldra will now always burrow regardless of what might block his path
- Will no longer deny bosses the creation of eggs if too many structures or Void Crystals are nearby

Future plans:
- I don't have much time left. I am starting a new job in 8 days, so I will not change anything major after that.
- I will use the week I have left to look at the bosses, make them more interesting somehow.
- I will continue to polish the map until the deadline.
- Voice acting in 1-2 days (I was told)
My friend and I playtested a few maps last night, and honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed this one more than the others. This is a good one.

It doesn't feel like Dehaka's eggs are in that much danger though, because you can pretty much just camp around the Primal Ascendants just prior to them waking up. The Ash Worms are a nice "gotcha" moment to that though, although aren't a huge threat.

(And unlike my map, it actually looks like Zerus!)

I intend to create a pace that's more similar to maps like Rifts to Korhal (When timer is 0 map is lost) instead of maps like Void Thrashing (Void Thrashers deal constant damage to an objective), where you feel like you have a bit of time to prepare for the encounter instead of constantly being told that "your ally's base is under attack". If it's too easy it might just be beause of the Normal difficulty, but if you can send me a Replay that would be great!

I'm happy with the map but as you guys are pointing out there is still a lot of potential.

Published Beta 3. Changelog:
- New Void Crystal ability Psi Storm Aura: Damages player units around a Void Crystal
- New Void Crystal ability Slow Aura: Slows player units around a Void Crystal
- New Void Crystal ability Cloak: Cloaks a Void Crystal (never used with Devastator)
- New Void Crystal ability Speed: Increases movement speed of a Void Crystal
- New Void Crystal ability Twin: Creates duplicate of a Void Crystal
- Void Crystal abilities shuffle randomly each time the map is started
- Improved pathing of Void Crystals
- Added tranmission when encountering cloaked Void Crystals
- Void Crystals will no longer heal units other than bosses
- Increased vision height of all bosses to 4
- Fixed bug preventing Mothmam from spawning eggs
- Added minimap pings to attacks of bosses when draining eggs
- Added some Primal Zerg when spawning Ash Worms
Yesterday I started working on a new boss. My plan was to have the first three bosses switch randomly at map start. I wanted to have two movers/burrowers, two stationary, and two flyers. No plans to change the last one. I realize now that even one boss ist still a lot of work, so I just finished the one I started, and will continue polishing for now. No news on the voice over yet :(

Beta 4 - Changelog:
- Added new boss Skiver which can burrow, impale and leap on units
- Game now randomly picks Devastator or Skiver at start
- Added Marines to enemy player bases
- Added new bonus objective transmissions
- Game now randomly picks appropriate transmissions for the bonus objective
- Removed weapon and attack indicator of Mothmam
- Added aura for Mothmam which damages nearby player units
- Increased movement speed of Devastator from 2 to 5 when not burrowed
- Increased Devastator Shockwave bonus damage to heroic targets from 0 to 30
- Decreased height of progress bar for Devastator from 5.0 to 4.5
- New custom status bars for bosses
- Status bars of bosses are now always turned on
- Added visual hint to the first Void Crystals
- New Void Crystal ability Spawner: Void Crystal frequently spawns Zerglings and Hydralisks
- Decreased wait time until a pathing-blocked Void Crystal moves from 20 to 15 seconds
- Cloaked Void Crystals will now uncloak for 10 seconds every 30 seconds
- Added subtips to Void Crystals about their abilities
- Will no longer play Attack Single/Multiple Crystal" transmissions right after each other
- Replaced Huge Crystals with Large Crystals at the Mothmam boss area
- Removed No Fly Zones at the Mothmam boss area
- Fixed damage display of Collect Essence
- Increased Collect Essence damage for Carnozor from 15 to 20
- Increased Collect Essence Damage for Mothmam from 15 to 25
- Increased Collect Essence damage for Uldra from 15 to 30
- Added a secret
- New map preview image
- Changed battle.net tip to "Destroy active Void Crystals..."
- Added How To Play screenshots
03/28/2017 09:34 AMPosted by OutsiderXE

- Added a secret

I know what our priority will be when Jay and I play this ;)

I'm just waiting for the Voice Actor to send me the files. Will give you the green light as soon as I've added them.

----------- Update on March 30th:
I actually forgot so send my Voice Actor a couple of lines. I sent them to him yesterday, along with a few more requests. Don't know when he will send the files to me; my wild guess is within a week.

I would have liked to add more bosses, but sadly, I have no time anymore. I think the map is in a very good state now, anyway. Besides the missing voice acting and the lengthy playtime (around 5 minutes more than Blizzard co-op maps) it feels pretty good.

Beta 5 Changelog:
- Replaced Hybrid Behemoth with a Bunker and 4 Marines
- Repositioned some enemy units
- Improved path blocking at the southwest terran base
- Improved path blocking around Dehaka's eggs and the east expansion base
- Increased Ravasaur ground damage from 2 to 25
- Decreased sight range at map start
- Increased duration of eggs pings from 4 to 6 seconds
- Camera will now shake when an Ascendant is killed
- Decreased height of progress bar for Carnozor from 6.0 to 5.3
- Increased height of progress bar for Mothmam from 7.0 to 7.5
- Increased height of progress bar for Uldra from 9.0 to 9.8
- Decreased shields of Mothmam from 1500 to 1400
- Decreased shields of Uldra from 2000 to 1600
- Changed second main objective to "Ascendants Can't Drain 20 Eggs"
- Added some effects to the fight with Skiver
- Fixed transmissions for Skiver
- Increased scale of Devastator Shockwave splat from 2.0 to 3.0
- Devastator Shockwave Burrow splat will show before Devastator starts burrowing
- Devastator will now immediately unburrow when reaching its destination
- Added some effects to the fight with Devastator
- Increased Mothmam Aura damage to heroic targets from 5 to 10
- Changed icon of Mothmam Aura
- New range indicators for Mothmam and the Void Crystals
- Decreased life regeneration rate of Void Crystals from 3.0 to 1.5
- Decreased time until first spawn of Void Crystal from 20 to 17 seconds
- Increased time between spawns of Void Crystal from 10 to 12 seconds
- Changed Void Crystal ability name "Speed" to "Moves Faster"
- Changed Void Crystal ability name "Spawner" to "Spawns Units"
- Changed Void Crystal ability name "Cloaked" to "Temporarily Cloaked"
- Added more transmissions about Void Crystals
- Fixed Temporary Cloak of Void Crystals
- Added 8 seconds wait time until first Temporary Cloak is applied on a Void Crystal
- Increased Void Crystal Aura damage to heroic targets from 5 to 10
- Increased Ash Worm damage to heroic targets from 24 to 48
- Ash Worms, Primal Hatcheries and Primal Colonies can no longer be knocked backed by abilities
- Set attack target priority of all bosses and Void Crystals to 20
- Removed Game Privacy from Battle.net lobby
So, I was crazy enough to add a sixth boss. It's a flyer which can spawn units, cast poisonous bombs and clouds. Map decides randomly at start whether to pick this one or the old Mutalisk. I've also implemented the buddy system, so the map now chooses a random enemy race at start.

Beta 6 Changelog:
- Added new boss Khailu which can spawn units, cast poisonous bombs and clouds
- Added Protoss as a possible enemy
- Added Zerg as a possible enemy
- Devastator Shockwave can now deal damage to structures
- Increased Mothmam Aura damage rate
- Added range indicator for Mothmam Spine Volley
- Skiver Leap can now deal damage to structures
- Increased Skiver Leap damage from 25 to 30
- Moved bottom left base slightly more to the bottom left
- Fixed objective text when failed

I will add voice over tomorrow (Sunday)! Until then I have added some placeholders, which is why the transmissions might be on screen too long.
Voice over is here!

Map is practically finished (I am aware of a few bugs, and will try to fix them over the coming weeks, along with some more polishing)

Beta 7 Changelog:
- Added voice over for Dehaka
- Fixed transmissions at map start when Skiver is on the map
- Added some time between first and second transmission by Dehaka
- Eggs will now be pinged before the first boss is revealed
- Fixed first minimap ping for Skiver
- FirstBossAwakens transmission will now play 40 seconds later
- AttackVoidCrystal transmissions will now also play for Khailu
- Removed AllVoidCrystalsDestroyed transmissions
- Added colors to objective texts
- Second main objective will now also be marked as completed when the map is won
- Bosses will not take any damage for 4 seconds when a Void Crystal is activated
- Added Prepare icon for Mothmam Spine Volley
- Fixed Khailu abilities
- Increased time of invulnerability for Ash Worm when burrowing from 0.9 to 1.0 seconds
- Removed difficulty selection from Battle.net lobby
- Fixed Hive bug
Nearing the end. Only some minor polishing remains.

Beta 8 Changelog:
- Skiver will no longer damage and stun units when dying
- Added more terrain detail in some areas
- Improved some path blocking in some areas
- AttackVoidCrystal tranmissions will now be played sequentially instead of randomly
- Removed a Missile Turret from the bonus objective area
Updated map based on deltron's and Jayborino's videos.

- deltronLive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQhz3ZhFIs8
- JayborinoPlays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY3HyB0DKzI

Probably 1 or 2 more updates until the deadline.

Beta 9 Changelog:
- New model for Devastator
- The Devastator burrow splat will now disappear 1.6 seconds earlier
- Fixed Carnozor trying to build towers on a single spot
- Increased scale of Carnozor Tower/Primal Colony weapon missile from 1.0 to 2.0
- Damage auras of Mothmam and Void Crystals now deal damage over time
- Damage auras of Mothmam and Void Crystals now deal damage to structure
- Fixed tooltip of Mohthmam and Void Crystal damage auras
- Added opacity to Void Crystal slow effect
- Decreased scale of Void Crystal slow effect from 0.75 to 0.66
- Decreased time between Void Crystal spawns from 12 to 9-12 seconds depending on the boss-type
- Decreased time until first spawn of Void Crystal from 17 to 9-12 seconds
- Increased range of Void Crystal spawns if the target point is blocked from 2.0 to 10.0
- Added more terrain detail in some areas
- Improved path blocking in some areas
- The objectives now appear while the second transmission is playing
- Slightly increased volume of Dehaka's transmissions
It's over. This is the final version which I will submit to the contest! Not everything's perfect, but then again, it never is. Whatever place I will get in the end, I hope people have fun playing my map. It's probably my last one...

Release 1.0 Changelog:
- Updated screenshots
- Devastator shockwave splat will no longer remain if Devastator is killed too early
- Increased frequency of Void Crystal heal
- Decreased time until Void Crystal heals for the first time from 6 to 4 seconds
- Fixed Void Crystals not healing Devastator or Skiver when unburrowed
- Decreased time of Temporary Cloak from 20 to 12/16/20 seconds for second/third/fourth boss
- Boss shields are now set to 100% over 4 seconds when a Void Crystal activates
- Added more Zerglings for the third and fourth Ash Worms
In the top 10 now^^

Name: RTC 2017: Primal Ascension
NA: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285094
EU: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/199343
Asia: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/116323
SE Asia: battlenet:://starcraft/map/6/25672
Now in the top 5^^ Thank your for voting^^

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