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Hello everyone, this week we have a couple of updates.

Adept Strength
We believe that Adepts might be too strong in both the PvZ and PvT matchups, and we are considering toning them down. Based on feedback we have been seeing in the community, we are considering one of two changes:
  • Reduce Adept utility and harass by increasing the cooldown time of Psionic Transfer from 11 to 14 seconds.

  • Or

  • Reduce the Adept’s core combat stats by reducing their hit points from 80 to 70.

However, WCS Austin is coming up very soon and there is some concern that patching this close to the tournament could disrupt pro player practice. Therefore, we would like to put out a patch this Tuesday if it seems like we need to make changes right away. If not, then we will roll the changes into our test matchmaking system for more detailed testing. Let us know your thoughts and feedback about the proposed changes.

Test Matchmaking
Next week we are also planning on enabling the test matchmaking system with some other proposed changes. We would like to focus on the Adept strength this week so we will have more details about the test changes next week when they are enabled. But they will consist of the areas mentioned in our previous community post, such as the Thor, Void Ray, Tempest, and Raven Auto Turret. We will also explore a bit of moving some power from the Adept to the Zealot, which has seen a bit less usage in Protoss main armies than we would like.
First nerf is good for PvZ

Second for PvT and PvZ
Increasing Shade cooldown sounds like a good way to lower the Adept's harassment viability without making Protoss more vulnerable to early Marine or Zergling pushes.

As far as the test map goes, I don't believe the Balance Team has clarified what they actually want to change with Thors. Could you elaborate?
Thanks for the feedback ! Both of the nerfs sounds reasonably good, but buffing the zealot again and again may not be the answer ... these are not the same units, and not made for the same purposes, but protoss clearly needs a buff
As a Protoss player I say I'm fine with the shade cooldown increase, 10 hp nerf might be a bit too much. But that's just my opinion.
for me shade cooldown is fine - hp nerf woud be very bad- but what i also like is a bit more vision for the adapt - casue shading woud be just yoloing every time casue u see nothing, so plz nerf cooldown but buff the vision of the adapt
They absolutely need an HP decrease. The era of shading on your entire army, under libs and on tp of mines, needs to end now. This is the solution.
Shade cooldown increase is reasonable, the hp nerf is likely not.
Second option would probably be the best way to go. However the nerf is not enough. 80 to 60 would be a good beginning
04/13/2017 10:44 AMPosted by Fluxior
As a Protoss player I say I'm fine with the shade cooldown increase, 10 hp nerf might be a bit too much. But that's just my opinion.

Ye so adept+phoenix vs bio will still be broken
I don't think the first change would do too much, at least not if this is the only thing changed. I know 3 seconds is not a short time in an RTS, but how would this prevent shading on top of army's or harassing workers? Reducing the health is definetly a step into the right direction. But why not trying both?
Hey, In my opinion, what should be done is nerf the adept health, though by more than 10. One way to reduce the harassment potential of adepts is to turn the adept shade (as it is now) into a tier 3 upgrade, maybe on the templar archives. Just some thoughts.
Actually Avilo propose good thing.. in time when your shade complete you losing all adpet shields - you still can herras workers, but it make for defending player easyer to defend against herras if he has units on position. And also you can choose to not shade into workeres and use it as drop to herras, or use them with your army with full shields and health as normal attaking unit.
First I want to ask the balance team, whether Adapts are scout unit or combat unit? I think right now, It is doing both. However, the vision is a little bit stupid for scout and other things like health and attack make it a little bit strange combat unit. as it is so powerful in some situation while powerless in other case(I think this greatly depends one how protoss micro it and also how ur opponent react).

I don't want to say the unit is Imba or not, cuz it could be too subjective, and I don't know ur statistics data. But my suggestion is: Make it a unit focus on one thing instead of many. Either combat range "tank", or light armor killer, or just scout and harassment unit. Among these, I would further suggest scout and harassment, cuz there is no such thing in the early protoss army instead of adepts. So maybe reduce the health and attack (more than u propose of course), reduce the building cost and give the vision back?
Funny how people start to say "-10hp might be too much" without doing the maths. With -10hp, a marine (0-0) will kill the adept (0-0-0) in 26 shots instead of 28 shots, aka a nerf of 7%. But when liberator AG was nerfed: 2 shots instead of 1 shot (50% nerf) and 3 shots instead of 2 shots (33% nerf), people said "this is NOOOT enough!".
Just do it!
Reduce the Adept's HP and maybe give some of it to the zealot?

Shade CD nerf wont help much since all they need to do is shade once and they are doing damage.

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