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Hey everyone. I'm looking for the section where i can post/talk about streams and broadcasting starcraft2. I just want to engage with the streaming community and learn streaming tips to help me grow. I am very new to streaming but i like the pass time. Hypothetically i have already been passing time like streamers do for the last year as a chill, consistent gamer that likes to talk and watch games. I'm a university student living away from home so i have more opportunities with my time to engage and develop a stream. I think there is a lot of fun to be had and i'm already having fun.

- a redirect to the proper forum or some streamer discussion here would be rad!

- if you like starcraft2 and broodwar streams please follow my channel! it's free and easy!
- Join in on hTx clan observing with us as we talk starcraft strategy and have a few laughs over some 1v1 melee matches from clan members!\
if you want to post your stream on here i'd would be glad to check it out and even give a follow!

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