RTC 2017: Odin of War

Map Showcase
Map Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285892
  • Amon has assaulted a secret weapons research facility and secured one of it's most dangerous projects; The Odin MkII. The newly constructed Odin posseses an auto-pilot feature which Amon has decided to take advantage of. Help operative Skreen destroy all corrupted data cores in order to stop Amon.
  • Primary Objective: Destroy all (3) corrupted Data Cores
    Bonus Objective: Destroy the Hybrid Warp passage. (Spawned randomly each game for re-playability)
    Map Layout:
  • Bottom left corner of the map contains starting points.
  • A total of four expansions (Two of which could be taken from the Ai, but are not meant to.)
  • Difficulty/Duration:
  • Difficulty is set for Hard, but can be played on different difficulties. (The game challenges player nevertheless. The difficulty option only changes how the Ai behaves. Not the wave timing and composition)
  • Map can last 30 to 40 minutes, but can be up to a maximum time limit of 1 hour depending on speed of players.
  • More info:
  • The destruction of each objective is followed by a boss fight with a hybrid Mastermind.
  • Amon can take control of the central Odin and launch attacks on the player's base
  • Large attack waves are meant to force the players to work together.
    (This means that even on casual, the waves should force players to work together early game to prevent total destruction.
  • A little more story:
  • The pale white gas giant of Sornul IV houses one of many of the Dominion's weapon facilities and testing platforms. With Amon now knowing it's position, he sends a vast majority of his forces to attack the secluded giant. Operative Skreen, the overseer of facility 32, requests the help of the commanders to take back the facility...
  • Two bugs I found, Raynor can't cast Mule on the mineral patches and the terrain shows up as black on the minimap. Both very annoying!

    Was a very quick and easy map, otherwise, but nothing bad about it!
    04/18/2017 06:01 PMPosted by AlexTheComie
    Difficulty and Duration:
    Difficulty is set for Hard, but can be played on different difficulties.
    Map is expected to last 30 to 40 minutes.
    Mission Type:
    Search and destroy followed by a boss fight after each objective.

    Where have I seen this before...

    04/18/2017 10:00 AMPosted by Cybernetic
    Difficulty and Duration
    Difficulty is deliberately set for normal only.
    Map is expected to last 25 to 30 minutes (Game Time).

    Base Campaign Mission
    Engine of Destruction (Wings of Liberty).

    Mission Type
    Search and destroy followed by a dual boss fight.


    Straight to the point - you can use any format you want to present your competition entry thread, just don't copy off some part someone else's work and pass it off as your own.
    Went into the game solo on casual (just to see what the map is about) and i got attacked by 18 marines minute 4??? Thats broken.
    Minute 6 immediately they send this at me http://imgur.com/a/FD779
    Could have dealt with it hyperion wise but this wave shouldn't be here even on brutal.

    This could use a window http://imgur.com/a/dFgba
    Since it blends with the background at times and its hard to read.
    Edited the Map a bit. However, the problem with the Mules still persists! Its not my fault, for i edited no data that has to do with minerals. I'll edit later. As for the waves, I dont really see a problem of difficulty with them - however, with all the responses Im getting from people about them, I'll tone down the diffuculty. As for Cybernetic's comment: It was only temporary. This is my first RTC. I was not so sure about the requirements and guidlines needed in order to make a qualifiable forum post, so i used your post as a template. As you can see now, the page has been edited so that it can take on it's own form. I Usually hang out on Sc2mapster.com, so I'm used to writing a forum about a project without constraints and requirements...

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