Making the melee/default AI harass

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Does anyone know how to make the melee/default AI harass a player like how they do a Banshee opening and keep attacking and retreating with the Banshees when units show up but just make then use a different unit instead and make them keep searching for parts of your base that are not defended well using only AI triggers and so on?
Phew! That is a lot.

Check this out.
Yes, it is a lot! But I have seen people make the AI do it… the problem is the AI is always set to campaign and I have never see anyone recreate the melee AI in campaign mode. And look I do not know how to do this, this why I am here asking if someone has something already made they can share.
One of the big reasons I want to use the melee AI is that it at least on island maps will use transports too.
Can anybody please help with this?

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