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There is no game that make me more mad than one I lose against mass toss air. I started to !@#$ list all the maps allowing too easy 3 bases for toss players but there's always these 2 or 3 maps you can't get rid of.
Protoss are quite hard to hit even at 3 or 4 mins. For 3 mins you can hope to bring enough zergling and bane to breakthrough and do eco damage but that's quite risky considering his teammates will support him. If you fail, you will face enough void rays to force you to retreat. Let's not forget the freaking mothership core that will rekt anything you try to throw him at. From that point he'll just keep going on with his cheesy build and mass out void or eventually phoenix if he fears you go muta or what ever.
So what's the option from there? Hydra are fine if you control the map, you might be able to strike him soon enough to get rid of his voids and win the game. But when he got terran as teammates, that's not so easy (kiting).
I feel it's like a hit or miss, you can't really counter that particular strategy as it really depends on how good you teammates are (and the other opponents). Even if you take down one of his teammates, if he got 3 saturated bases the carriers will just keep on coming.
Corruptors are quite expensive and not strong enough to engage toss air in fewer number.
Should I just get infestor and tech asap for Vipers? Infestors can handle mass ground and with a couple of bane that should be enough to keep the enemy at bay. What composition do you get with that? Infestor ling hydra? Then you get viper and pray it's going to be enough?

Edit: Seems like hydra viper is a good contender to counter the air toss build. I will practice this out.
I feel your pain i cant find it past skytoss
Try out my Extension mod Ground Unit Battles. No air units except cargo units, flying detectors and one assistance air support per race/faction. No worrying about void or carrier spammers. I know how crappy it feels to lose against this.
zerg will kill all
Not sure what this is about, if Protoss go air it's pretty much an auto-win for us (I main protoss bu recently I'm just offracing with Zerg or playing random).

So, how? Very easy, ling/bane/muta and it's an autowin.
Banes and lings can wreck worker lines while the Hydras destroy their air army (as long as you have decent macro of course).

But, you have to be aggressive and attack Protoss before they reach critical mass. Ideally prevent them from taking a third. Never wait until they have three full bases going for a while (but even then mass hydras should do the trick.

I have never lost against Protoss air, if they go that route they're noobs and it's a free win for us. (in truth ling/banes/hydra wrecks almost everything Protoss can do)

peace, gl

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