Arcade Lobbies with 11+ Players Crashing

Bug Report
Games with more than 10 players in lobby when countdown reaches 0 the lobby crashes.
Can confirm. The arcade is once again broken.
Sad cause it makes certain games unplayable.
Blizz fix this already ffs
Bump, Blizz is a joke. Crashed every games more than 10 players now.
Seriously? This isnt even on the "known bugs" page?
They don't even care, they just want money on their war chest :D
Same bug:

Just adding that Undead Assault Chronicles happens too...
Dear Blizzard,

I know right now you are probably inundated with 14 year old children crying about how Terry Crews was not the voice actor for Doomfist, but I assure you there is a more urgent problem to deal with.

As of several days ago, Starcraft II arcade games cannot host more than 10 players without the lobby closing during the auto countdown once it fills up with 12.

I'm sure you can imagine how annoying this is, as having a full lobby is more desirable than a partial one.

Now I know you're probably thinking, "Aw !@#$, that idiot Jim over in the server room must have fat fingered something in the database again", but I assure you, none of us are judging you for your employee's ineptitude. Rather, we would all be most gracious if you could just allocate the 30 minutes of manpower it would take to fix this issue.

And then you can go back to worrying about the kids complaining about Overwatch.

The Entire %^-*ing Community
Bump still problem
Affects P A R A S I T E TEST
Guys i think this is our fault we didnt all buy enough hearthstone card packs and blizzard chose to punish our ungrateful souls.
How dare we play arcade mode for free without smashing down 40 dollars on overwatch

Repent for your sins and buy 10 hearthstone card packs for this is obviously blizzard's divine will.
This bugg, I gues is the same as previous they got. Something in their code is wrong what causing this bugg to return. Last time it took then 10 weeks, if I remember correctly.
Hey all,

This issue should now be resolved, can you retry when you have a chance. If it still occurs, please post a reply on this thread:

Dang thanks guys

Looks like my yearly child tribute idea won't be necessary.

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