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Single Player Map Contest (IN PLANNING)

Greetings map-making community! Two other community members, Jayborino and Pr0nogo, and I are looking to bring the Blizzard RTS communities together around our love for some good, ol' fashioned single player content. We are really just looking to gauge interest and participation here at first with something more official coming later if we think enough folks will join in. These are all early ideas as we're looking for feedback at this point and we'll add more of the semantics later.

If you are interested in participating, have any suggestions, questions, and/or feedback, please let us know here in the thread. Thank you!!

Contest Rules and Conditions
  • Submissions must be playable in StarCraft 1, StarCraft 2, OR Warcraft 3.
  • Submissions must be single player only. Mission 1 of a possible campaign, a stand alone scenario map, or Arcade-y type maps which could include virtually any style of gameplay.
  • Submissions must be new maps, started at the time of the contest.
  • Submissions must include instructions for how to play, whether it be in offline mode for StarCraft 2, on, through the custom campaign interface of WC3, etc.
  • One submission per person/team.
  • This is still in brainstorming phases, we're looking for any feedback that could make this appeal to more contributors. We want the barrier of entry to be fairly low. See judging section below for answers to inevitable questions of imbalanced cross-game judging.

  • Depending on # of submissions per game, we may have a winner per game, then an overall winner of those three.
  • Prizes may depend on which game the winning map is for or perhaps just winner's choice. Please leave feedback on what below may incentivize you to participate.
  • Bragging rights; the thrill of winning; good exposure to Jayborino's and Deltron's viewerbase; SC: Remastered key/s, SC2 co-op and/or collectibles DLC, announcer packs; WoW expansion or time card; StarCraft Risk Board Game, etc.

Pr0nogo (unless maybe he submits)
YouTube viewer polls

Judging/Voting Criteria
Jayborino and I have extensive content on our channels and our experience hopefully instills some level of trust when we say that fun factor really is #1 in terms of possible judging. We play each of these games and do not really prefer one over the other. We understand that, for example, the SC2 Galaxy Editor opens the door for many more possibilities, but can also be much more time consuming, so there are many balancing factors that we're very aware of.
We'll nail the judging criteria down in stone if this becomes official and are looking for feedback to again make this as appealing to creators as possible to participate.

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Neat. How long do you think the creation period would be? Short would be like a month. Long might be like 6+ months.
I'm interested.
07/15/2017 09:58 PMPosted by Imposter
How long do you think the creation period would be?
Currently we are thinking 3 months. It's less about someone taking all three months and more about allowing people to procrastinate somewhat and those that won't learn about it until a 1-2 months in and still participating.

07/17/2017 04:48 AMPosted by Frankiff
I'm interested.
Awesome! Look out for an official post around the time SC Remastered is released (Aug 14).

You had me at Greetings!

:D - I would definitely make an entry for this
Is this going to be also on eu region?
07/19/2017 08:04 AMPosted by Giangi
Is this going to be also on eu region?
Anyone can enter the contest. We may have it so any map uploaded to the Arcade must be uploaded to the NA server, similar to the RTC contests. But we will also have it so you can send us the map file directly if you prefer.
It's too bad I was already working on a single player map for a few weeks before this post :(
Contest is up!

08/04/2017 06:46 PMPosted by Gastu
It's too bad I was already working on a single player map for a few weeks before this post :(

I'm not going to tell you that you cannot submit that map. The rule is to stop someone from submitting something that has obviously been a year long endeavor.

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