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StarCraft II API
Thanks for joining the discussion around the release of the StarCraft II API! For more information on our announcement, please see the following:

Blizzard Announcement blog
DeepMind Announcement blog

To get started, suggest changes, and report bugs, you can participate in our open source project on GitHub:

StarCraft II API Library
StarCraft II API Protocol
Python Protocol Binding Library
PySC2 (DeepMind’s toolset)

You can also participate in additional discussion on David Churchill’s Facebook group:
StarCraft II Artificial Intelligence Facebook Group

We’re excited to see the direction that the AI research community takes this in, and we look forward to your discussion!

- The StarCraft II API team
At last! Thank you!
Awesome! Thank You!
Nice. Good to see Blizzard contributing to the open source world and AI :)
Thanks ! I have been waiting that moment from a long time now !
Wow! Thanks...
hey guys I know this may be a bit off the discussion but I had a question you see I purchased the last warchest but didn't get to finish it. can I get the awards for that warchest or are they gone forever?

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