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Want to watch replays from Scarlett (zerg) but Scarlett don't upload any of current patch so only been able to see six of the previus patch.

I have also heard Scarlett is a very bad act to try to follow "very risky" & "very game sense demanding" and simular.
But if someone else here does like to watch Scarlett replays I would very much be intressted in hearing what you do think a bad player could learn from Scarlett replays.

But back to main topic, anyone have any Scarlett replays to share? :)
<3 <3 <3
Take care and have a wonderfull day.
Just check out you-tube. Plenty of Scarlett videos on youtube.
I like to pause every 5 secs and write down any mayor decisions that happened every 30 secs.

As much as I could still pause a video every 5 secs and maybe catch new bases on the minimap or catch new vespine gaschambers by tracking the gas income etc it nice to be able scroll around the whole picture to try catch why the players made those choices in the first place.

But you probably right, I have to settle for quantity over quality.

Scarlett's new strategy is about winning tournaments. Therefore she's embraced the power of Protoss. Watching her matches now are hilarious when she pounds zerg to bits with the pure power of protoss. One base, two base, no base, It doesn't matter now. GG

New WCS match:

Remember the only Pro-toss!
08/31/2017 02:59 PMPosted by cowboy


Wow this is so good. Thank you so much!
I wanna be like Scarlett

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