Co-op download stuck at 98%

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I haven't played in a few weeks. I just logged on and kicked off a coop game to play. It started downloading and sits at 98%. I have restarted, uninstalled/reinstalled, Windows firewall allows SC2.

What is going on??
Same problem here. I've also uninstalled/reinstalled, scan/repaired, cleared appdata, disabled firewall, etc. I can't join any multiplayer games at all (not just coop). Typically it just gets stuck at "downloading...98%" but sometimes it just says "waiting for party" even when we've all joined in. It's really frustrating. Simply can't play anymore.
Same thing. Stuck at 98%.
same problem for me . It's new since a few days :-(
just got the same issue. Any resolution?
Same I'm stuck on 99%
same here, reinstalled sc2, different computers different connections all have the same problem.

its 2017 how is this even a problem?! why isn't there a diagnostic tool that can follow those downloads and see whats the problem?
any solutions?
There's several possibilities for why this may be happening, so I'd try these steps, some of which were mentioned above:

1) Power cycle your connection, or unplug your router and modem for a minute. This will reset any residual or leftover cache and connections between our network and yours.

2) Flush the DNS cache. This will reset the "address book" for your Internet connections, so that you'll get the newest and latest addresses for Internet destinations from your ISP.

3) Try Google's DNS. Sometimes an ISP will have outdated DNS information too, and you can use Google's DNS to get the most up to date Internet addresses.

4) Run a Scan and Repair, which will scan through the important game files, find any damaged or corrupted files, and replace them with new files.

5) Delete the cache and files, which may be damaged. They'll be replaced with new files when you start up the Blizzard app again.
its not that it cant download at all, its that it speeds to 99% and freezes. if you let it go for about 30 minutes then it finally gets to 100% but it stays at 99%.

those steps i have done to no avail.
i have the same problem, it gets stuck at 98 percent, the other person in my party says that its waiting for me to confirm ..1/2 players ready and then says i declined the game, but i'm actually stuck at 98 percent the whole time
I have same problem.. Stuck at 98 percent and not moving. I've already restarted modem and nothing happened. Still same problem.. WTFS?
I have the same problem, but I'm stuck at 75% and I have tried those steps and they don't work. Stuck with a game that doesn't work great
This seems to be quite an issue for a significant of number. Is it only happening to people in the same region. I am in Japan now btw
yeah I'm also having the same issue where the other person says its waiting for me but I'm stuck at 98. Please see if there is any solution
I have same problem... It started two weeks ago.
I've tripped over this issue :(. 1st Updating to playable/optimal did not include co-op. Then it wouldn't finish downloading until I disabled my av. Now I'm stuck with the 97/98% issue. So stupid to have update/download issues at the end of 2017.
Great (*sarcasm*) After scanning & downloading more stuff. Still stuck at 98%. This so blows.
SOS....having same issue since new update

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