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Quite the QQ on this game now every patch they buff terran and massively nerf zerg and protoss... No wonder most the audience plays 'Starcraft Broodwar'
Protoss good in Broodwar
I hate to say it but its always been terrancraft.
Scans(maphacks) really why? everyone else has to scout.... and that takes apm and skill. You need to get scouts into the enemy base to see what they are doing without losing your scout.

Free workers... ya free workers was never going to be balanced. Anytime both players do damage equally ONLY 1 race is benefiting and thats terran. Because their macro mechanic is just dropping mules. They can stack 4 Mules on 1 OC so lets say you are scouting and positioning vs the enemy for 1 minute and microing..... terran is banking energy which is going to give him a mule but zerg or protoss.... nope you need to STOP microing and STOP positioning your army and look away completly and use an inject at EACH BASE! which makes it SO MUCH MORE HARDER THAN A TERRAN and dont let the trolls fool you you cant a move and win with zerg. Thats a complete troll if you just a move you are going to lose period. In fact the person with less micro is terran thanks to widow mines and tanks widow mines can kill the whole zerg army in a single shot.... and terran doe snot even need to micro it..... then tanks shoot at 13 range..... All terran needs to do is spread out marines and mines and tanks and when zerg attacks he is basically dead.

How about terrans supply drop? Why do they get it? They for some reason get a "get out of jail free card" when they PLAY BAD. If zerg loses overlords and gets supply blocked .... well we cant make units... but if terran gets supply blocked.... he just drops supply drops and gets more supply and continues making units.

Terran is without a doubt the easiest race.

I hate it when I offrace as terran I have a blast its so much easier. When you learn the mechanics its really easy

As for larva injects there is legal (for now) trick called Rapid Fire Injects, it allows you to inject even 16 (!) bases in less then 1 second, but it is borderline cheating and I don't think it was intended to be possible to inject like this.

(My keyboard is not compatible to use Rapid Fire Inject method so I am using standard selects all queens and jump though bases with base camera hotkey, to inject 3 bases it take me about 6 seconds) but,

08/25/2017 10:24 PMPosted by Overmind
Anytime both players do damage equally ONLY 1 race is benefiting and thats terran.

I don't wanna go on the thin ice of discussing the balance... but... I think you can't factor the "equally" because the races are different, the units are different and therefore are not equal but I would not assume as far that the one is better then the other..

And Terran does not start the game with pack of widow mines and 16 tanks, I think Zerg just needs to get the Terran before he gets those.

(There is possible in fact that with some races you'll have to put up much more effort to win then with the other, in my opinion)
Terran is the easiest race and in most cases the best and they want to keep the less skilled players here. That's the reason.

Terran will fall out of favor when Blizzard wisens up and either nerfs siege tanks or cuts the crap with letting terran players outeco their opponents and/or not need any micro.
Rapid fire inject Lowko video will help.

Also injects were buffed in LOTV, you can inject a hatch multiple times if you have the energy.

So you can double inject very quickly and/or still inject if you see the hatch hasn't yet sprouted larvae.
This wouldn't be a blizzard game if there wasn't something that appealed to casuals. And in starcraft 2 it's Terran.
ITT a bunch of silver/gold tier zergs whine about Terran featuring OverQQ. Thanks for the laughs guys.

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