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Thought I would give SC2 a run today after a break.

So I first had to wade through a 16 gig patch via the battlenet launcher before I can get to the game screen.. that sort of sucks cuz Im patching for expansion content that I didnt buy .. but I know its old news for regular players so ok whatever..

Anyway after patching down to playable level, I start the game to be met with a pop-up that my account has been migrated by Blizz from SEA to Americas. So I change the location option to Americas, only to get an error message that I have the wrong version for this region and need to re-patch.


Do I really need to fully reinstall another 16 gig patch to fit with a forced region change, and if so why wasnt this flagged before forcing the initial 16 gig patch regionalised for SEA?

I cant switch regions in the battlenet launcher during the current patch download which is now at 10 gig, and start over as americas - it just creates a default blizz error message that links to a generic "check your internet connection' response.
I wouldnt mind playing a bit of SC2 so if anyone knows a work-around that would be really handy. In guessing someone else must have previously had the same issue?

With the bandwidth of my current internet (in temporary digs) reinstalling the full 16 gig of patches twice just isnt viable .. Im still only at 7.5 gig of the first SC2 patch (defaulting to SEA in the launcher) and been going since before my first post above

I do not recommend switching the regions till the updates are fully installed. The old game client thinks there is still a separate SEA and switching regions is may be confusing it with which version it may need to update to. Once it is fully up to date it should no longer show the SEA option in the regions. You may need to restart the Blizzard App for this to show updated. The make sure the region shows Americas. Then when you log in to the Americas you will have the option to pick your original SEA character or your original Americas character.

Seeing how long ago it was since you last played it is possible that game client may be to out of date to update properly at this point. Hopefully this is not the case. When this happens I normally recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the game through the Blizzard App. Since from what you said it sounds like there are restrictions on how much you are able to download if you have access to another computer with a fully up to date version of StarCraft II installed you can copy those game files over to your computer.

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