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I am fairly new and I mostly play protoss. I'm trying to level up my warchest and trying to get first win of the day on every race. I seem to be struggling with the Zerg Macro, and either end up not getting buildings quickly enough, forgetting injects, using larva, and getting expansions way too slowly. Any advice?
1) Get 2 Queens per base so you can stack the injects (box the queens - it's ok to also select some other units AND the queens - then hold shift, press the inject hotkey and spam left click on the hatchery).

2) Spam the drones button at the start of the game:
--> 17 hatchery, 17 pool, 17 gas
--> 13 overlord, 19 overlord, 24 overlord, 32 overlord
--> until you have about 30 supply, you can always spam s,d,s,d,s,d,s,d or q,q,q,q,q,q to really, really build a drone the split nano seconds a new larva comes out.
if your hatcheries are on 6 it will actually be 6,s,d,6,s,d,6,s,d,6,s,d,... or 6,q,q,q,q,q,6q,q,q,q,q,q,...)

3) Watch your gas count - it's your timer / orientation.

4) Zergling/Baneling/Hydralisk kills most armies pretty well. Get Brood Lords in late-game. Roaches and Hydras (2 Roaches for 1 Hydralisk) is pretty solid, too.

5) Every time you attack, you expand.

6) Hover your mouse over the supply count and you can see how many workers you have (number of "drones").
May I suggest you use grid hotkeys.

It's a lot easier for switching races, even if it's super painful for the first couple of sessions.
Tips for zerg:
1) Don't mine more gas than you need in the early game.
2) Avoid supply block
3) Spend larva! Constantly! Every time you have more than 3 larva sitting at a hatchery the hatchery stops producing larva. Spend Larva! Constantly!
4) If you spend all your larva and still have money left over, consider making a macro hatchery.
5) if you miss injects and have spare energy on your queen, just que your injects up. You can inject the hatchery more than once and it will simply use the next after the first finishes.
6) Learn to hotkey units from eggs. It's unique to zerg and gives them a noticeable advantage when rallying reinforcements.

Learning as zerg can be very frustrating. Unlike other races, zerg always has to choose between workers and army. If you die with too many drones because you failed to scout something, that's ok! It means your learning correctly and just need to figure out scout timings/overlord placement on maps.
Do you use an inject method? Most people either use base camera or camera hotkeys to jump between bases so they can box and inject faster. That's the #1 step you can take starting out for zerg macro.

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