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Hello. I ran a search for this problem and found a couple threads but nothing seemed to show how to fix the issue. I would like to add achievements to the showcase but I do not see any way to do it. In the game client, within the achievement menu, I see the 5 blank boxes for the showcase. However there are no buttons or anything to click on to change them. Do I need a certain number of achievements first before this 'unlocks'?

Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.
Hello TheKabutoKid!

Setting your showcased achievements should be pretty straightforward:

    1. Right-click your portrait in the top right and go to View Profile.
    2. Go to the Achievements category.
    3. Along the top is your Achievement Showcase. Beneath each of the five frames should be a cog icon.
    4. Click the cog icon to bring up a list of completed Achievements. Additionally, if no Achievement has been set in a given frame, clicking the empty frame should also bring up this list.
    5. Choose the Achievement then click OK!

Note that, if a frame already has an Achievement set, you have to use the cog button to pick a replacement, as clicking a slotted Achievement will take you to that Achievement in the Achievement category navigation.

Best of luck in your adventures :)
Thanks for the response, however I still don't see any cogs. I checked both in game, and on the profile page here on the website. Neither have cogs to select achievements. I took two screenshots to show. I do not know if links are allowed, but here they are:


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