Bttle.Net - Starcraft NO PLAY button anymore

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Battle.Net - Starcraft II Has NO Play button any more.
How do you play the free version when you already have an account?
I'm having the same issue. Battle net keeps redirecting me back to the website to download the free to play.
I own the game already with the upgrades I paid for last year and yet it won't let me play. What is the deal with this since it's fully paid for with upgrades and same issue with redirecting me to the free to play screen?
Greetings John, Hazmat and Dracronis,

There was a splash screen promoting free to play StarCraft II, blocking the view of the StarCraft II game tab. You should be able to go to the top right of the add (under your user status), hit the "x" and close that splash screen to access the install/play button for StarCraft II in the Blizzard app.

Let me know if you have any other issues launching the game, after trying that.

Best regards,

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