Fenix Update - October 26

Co-op Missions Discussion
We are looking to make Avenging Protocol grant stacking bonuses to champions when host shells of their type are destroyed in addition to when they transfer.
Just gonna raise the remaining problem here:

1/2 of the champions never benefit from Avenging Protocal even after this change.
Why? Because Carriers, Colossi and to a lesser extend immortals almost never get destroyed, champion shell or otherwise. And if they get destroyed at all then they're usually the last after your entire army has blown up and you've lost the battle.

This change will work well with Kaldalis, Talis and Mojo but not with the other 3 champions. Do you have any statistics on how many carriers the average Fenix player loses during their career? I bet it's not many...

We’re reducing the costs of his special (i.e., nonstandard Protoss) research across the board. (...) We are also removing the gas cost on Kaldalis AI research (...) gives him a straight-up buff to his economy, which lets him ramp into a bigger army much quicker
Spot on. Won't make him as powerful as Dehaka, but as powerful as he ought to be.

There are some other changes that are coming with regards to Tactical Data Web, champion balance, and Fenix Armor suits

Champion balance
- Empowered Blades and Graviton Disruptors, Gravimetric Overload have too small area of effect. They're good in theory but rarely affect enough units to generate the impact you'd expect.
- Purification Blast, Ricochet Glaive. Why not spoil Fenix just once? Could these abilities stack up to 3 charges each, giving these champions a certain burst damage potential against air units?
After all, he doesn't have any calldowns or spell casters.

Fenix armor suits
They're perfectly fine, except none has anything to offer when charging into a defensive position. There is simply no tool available other than preator's natural tankiness. Other hero units all have abilities which let them delete key targets in the defense or siege the position before engaging.

The problem why Fenix doesn't fill that role lies his ability kit.
Mass Cloaking doesn't work at all with static defenses nearby. Furthermore, his other suit abilities are too focused on small area circles and lines unfit to target spread-out defenders (as opposed to fire breath, sabotage drone or destruction wave) and also not really geared towards single target damage either (as opposed Kerrigan's leap or snipe).

Given that Arbiter is the hardest to constantly deploy and use I figured it would make sense to let it fill this niche. Maybe add some additional effect to Mass cloaking? Something like "disables static hostile defenses and their detection".

Hope you consider these points and ideas.

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