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I'm just curious - if there was an option to beat out 3 least favourite maps, which ones would you guys pick?

My picks would be:
1. Part and Parcel
2. Miner's Evacuation
3. Vermillion Problem

--- CURRENT RANKINGS (01/02/18) ---

1. Scythe of Amon - 45
2. Part and Parcel - 39
3. Vermillion Problem - 28
4. Lock and Load, Void Thrashing - 21
5. Chain of Ascension - 17
6. Miner's Evacuation - 14
7. Malwarfare - 12
8. Dead of Night - 11
9. Mist Opportunities - 10
10. Temple of the Past - 7
11. Oblivion Express - 2
12. Rifts to Korhal - 2
1. Miner evac
2. Dead of Night
3. Void Thrashing

What's with the hate?
Vermilion problem all 3 times.

That mission is just so slow and boring, and it's basically the same every time, too. Worst map for sure.
1. Scythe of Amon
2. Void Thrashing
3. Malwarfare
1) Scythe of Amon
2) Miner Evac
3) Part and Parcel

edit: tbh, i'd veto any maps that have a defended expansion. messes up my build orders. v.v
1.) Lock & Load - Mostly because it keeps showing up more than anything else. I'm pretty sure the RNG has something against me at this point. It's just tedious getting this over and over again, even moreso because the mission itself tends to be pretty tedious with all the jumping from lock to lock to defend (especially if you're playing someone like Han & Horner who have no static D worth a damn). I just want to move on, man...

2.) Vermillion Problem - Does anyone actually like this mission? Dragging all those worker units around everywhere just makes me want to play something else. Having to defend the expo and main with how wide the gap is between the two sure doesn't help matters any, either.

3.) Tie between Rifts to Korhal & Void Thrashing - These are basically the same mission with different skins and timing. Hell, they even have the mini-boss bonus objective shared. They're so vanilla it hurts. Doesn't help that they were some of the first missions available in coop, so they're really old hat at this point.

Edit: I get why people dislike Scythe of Amon, but I have to give it credit for being one of the most unique missions on the roster. It definitely needs difficulty tuning (especially for that annoying and near-impossible bonus objective), but it's good to have a mission that forces you to change up your build order every now and again, I think.
My least favorite map is Part and Parcel. Manually clicking on those tiny boxes, then manually standing on top of them to collect are such boring and tiring chore.

!@#$ all the 30 min autoscrollers
3 least favorite maps... ...

watchpoint gibraltar
Part and Parcel

Scythe of Amon

Just those two.
  • Vermillion Problem - A long map where your movements are dictated by the lava surges and where you have to babysit your workers and make sure your units are not rallied straight towards a fiery death. It's annoying.
  • Part and Parcel - After the (too) hectic beginning this one is a snooze fest. In the beginning you kinda have to hurry up with the parts and the first train, but after that it just feels a bit dull.
  • Chain of Ascension - I'm just sick of Ji'Nara's voice and this map in general. I've just had to play it too much, I think. The second bonus elemental really spams those cocoons, making taking it out with slow units a real pain too.

I think I would only veto Vermillion Problem, though. I have no real hatred towards any of the co-op maps.
11/30/2017 11:28 AMPosted by Zyrusticae
Vermillion Problem - Does anyone actually like this mission?

I do.
-effectively no time limit, allowing for late game builds
-tons of attack waves
-tons of bases to trash
-lot's of biomass and essence to harvest
-good mix of offense and defense
-players are in control of pace
-unique teamplay opportunities

There is so much to like about this map, it's actually my favourite.
There is one map that I adamantly veto no matter the circumstances: Void Thrashing. All because of Sgt. Hammer.

I usually try not to play Scythe of Amon or Part & Parcel on higher difficulties though.
Lock and Load
11/30/2017 12:37 PMPosted by Escadin
-effectively no time limit, allowing for late game builds

Umm, this is one of the maps where the time limit is most explicit. It's displayed in the top right the entire game, and you can only extend it so many times. I guess you might mean that the time limit is fairly long, but on Brutal it's really not, you can't waste too much time there or you won't finish.

Also, players are definitely not in control of the pace - the lava is. If you collect all the crystals currently available, you can't do much of anything except wait for the next surge. That's one of the things I like the least about it. With most of the maps, you can sort of "get ahead" by playing well, but here you just have to wait. Even destroying the enemy forces is kind of pointless because a lot of them just respawn after each lava surge.
Chain of Ascension
Lock and Load
Dead of Night

Lot of allies will happily delay completing missions by 5-15 minutes for that 5% bonus experience.

These three maps I would veto because you can actually lose if your ally wastes their entire army on the bonus. The Chain of Ascension bonus, in particular, is extremely cruel to newbies.
My 3 least favorite maps:

Vermillion Problem - What everybody already said...
Lock & Load -- This one is annoying with a poor ally that cant split his army. So you keep loosing locks. Also the bases are very out of the way, so rarely bother to kill them.
Void Thrashing -- Too short and boring.

Other maps are situationally annoying. DoN probably most of all based on the COs you get.
Chain of Ascension
Lock and Load
Dead of Night

I don't like having to prolong games because of an ally.

Edit: hah, just like the person 2 posts above me.
1. Void Thrashing. Most irritating announcer and an extremely boring game mechanic.
2. Chain of Ascension. The mission itself is ok, but I don't like to rely on a random ally to be able to complete the mission. Lots of people think that the whole map MUST be cleared before you trigger the second wave of hybrid.
3. Lock and Load. Same reason as above. You can clear all locks in 12 minutes and then wait for another 15 minutes for your ally to visit each lock one by one.
1. Vermillion. Hands down.
2. Scythe of Amon. Because I'm too dependant on my ally lvl. Map should be nerfed.
3. Void trashing. Definitely way too short.

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