Han & Horner can't set CC way-points.

Bug Report
Han & Horner Co-Op Commander can't set way-points for SCV's that are in the build queue on their troops. I like to use about a half a dozen SCVs to repair my mech army, but as they get destroyed I have to replace them. I like to set a way-point on my mech units so I can queue up 5 SCVs at the Command Center and know they'll meet up with my army as they're built. If I wait for them to build at a static way-point on the map I can then get them to follow my units. However, StarCraft 2 rarely lets me sit idle that long.

Plus I have to go back to that way-point and get them as soon as they build, or wait for all 5 to build and then get them as a group. Though in the middle of the field with enemy units incoming. It's good to get them their as soon as they build. Anyways, if the Command Center could be patched to send SCVs in for backup like the rest of the Terran Commanders. That'd really make my mech game a lot easier.

P.S. They're a fun pair to use in Co-Op and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them. ^_^

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