SC 2 launcher stuck on 'waiting'

Bug Report
As the title suggests, the little loading bar next to the Play button on the StarCraft 2 tab has been stuck on 'waiting' for the past few days. I can load the first StarCraft just fine, so the launcher is working period. I've exited the program, totally closed all instances of it running from the Task Manager, and restarted my PC. I am running Windows 10 and have all three episodes of SC2 installed. Original SC is the only other Blizzard product I have installed, and it's not currently installing or downloading any updates.
Out of the blue, it started working. I guess this topic can be closed, or however such things are handled.
Hmmm, yea I'm running into the same issue but it is not stopping the game from loading. Whatever. If anyone has run into a fix let me know.

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