[campaign]swarm hosts missing animations

Bug Report
In the Heart of the Swarm campaign both Swarm Host strains (Creeper and Carrion) are missing their animations, they just slide on the ground when moving. Basic Swarm Hosts still have their animations.
Yep, I noticed the same, they move like rigid objects.
Yeah this is definitely happening to me too, just scanned and repaired my game thinking I broke something but that's not the case. Seems to be a bug.
Like they're stuck in t-pose no matter what. It's actually messing with me because almost impossible to tell which ones are burrowed/rooted or not
Seeing the same thing. No animation after swarm host evolution mission. They still function but just looks awkward and annoying.
Yep, happening to me too. Nothing on the scan.
Yep, happens in my game too. Swarm Host strains animations missing, including burrow/root animation.
I hopes this gets fixed soon. I can't see my units when they're burrowed
I'm having the same problem too.
I'm here cause of the same problem, I guess I won't make any of these until that get fixed
something funny happend, you'll see I just minimize my game to look for answers for this bug, and when I returned to the game the problem was "fixed" they still move like rigid objects, but now the animation of root is working, and I can see them burrowed
It tends to happen when you are in the evolution missions and you have the swarmhosts burrowed or rooted before the strain morph occurs.

After they are morphed, the animation bug happens.

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