[Bug]Coop: Speccing Mastery points < level 15

Bug Report
Hey Blizzard Team and Community,

I found a bug concerning at least 4.0.0 and before. Have not tested in 4.0.1 because I'm unable to.

Course of actions:

  • Unlock mastery points on a commander
  • Buy a new Commander
  • When the new commander is shown (and you have a bit of lag probably), before level 0 appears, you can quickly see the mastery level and click on it
  • Specc mastery points and click OK

I don't know and can't confirm if the selected mastery points have any influence on the game or are locked, but the UI interface for them works completely. After pressing OK, you can't reach it anymore though, unless you play to level 15.

I can't really figure out any other triggers because there are no new commanders for me to buy. Have tested it on Dehaka and Han/Horner though, worked both times.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards,
I seen the mastery bug for a long time. I just never get to click on it fast enough.

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