Anyone have a Runescape Account?

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Hi, I hope this doesn't violate any of the forum rules.

I've been looking to get back into Runescape, as its a nostalgic game from my childhood. Unfortunately, I don't have my account anymore, being 7 or 8ish years since I've last played.

If anyone has an mid/high level account they no long use and would be willing to give up to help a fellow gamer out, I would be extraordinarily grateful! Being a student my time is limited. I've started on a new account, however I simply can't put in the hours to grind away and really want to experience some of the mid/end game content again! I'll be sure to pass the favour on :)

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying Starcraft!

Happy gaming,

I'm max level (or near combat max), but its on RS3, I didn't want to go back to oldschool because of all the time I invested onto the one account from 2009. I'm not going to add or be added because I don't play anymore, I just replied to this post because of the nostalgia. I actually started in 2004-2007 era, but now the game has passed on from me. I've been through the mid-stages of runescape and stopped at around 2017 january, I was on and off alot.

If you are not up to date, there are now separate runescape servers, one for RS3 (its called RS3 because its using a different engine.

And old school (reminiscent of 2003). On the RS3, if you had an account from the pre-division days of the servers it will take effect on there. If you start a new account on RS3 there is no longer a tutorial island :(, but its referenced in RS3 in a quest. glhf don't get scammed and lured in the wilderness, its still prevalent these days haha.
I have one, but I haven't played in years. And I never had a membership.
Just make a new account man.

Start from Scratch.
Old thread got Necro'd, but if its not too late, go play OldSchool RS, Mike. It has many of the older feels to the game with some new additions, I played it to the point of around 1700 skill total, I need to get around to getting the quest cape that I grinded all the stats for.

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