Game crashes during Scythe of Amon load.

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Hello all,

Every time I go to play coop I have to hope I don't get put into a Scythe of Amon game, since my game will always crash during the load. I've erased the game and redownloaded, but that hasn't solved the issue. I've submitted several troubleshooting reports to blizzard, but this has been going on for well over a month or more.

Any thoughts, or ideas? Thanks!
Hey Drpwnsauce,

Not all the games files are delete during a normal uninstall. Let's make sure there are not any damaged files still on the computer for SC2. Open the ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blizzard/ folder. Rename the Starcraft II folder. NOTE: Any offline saved games, replays and Arcade saves will be located in the renamed folder.
I have had this bug (Crashing on Scythe of Amon, and on nothing else) as well and think I know what's going on.

Namely, this seems to be an issue that only happens when using Metal API and low shaders.

When I have both Metal enabled and low shaders on, the game will crash after loading without fail. If I go to Open GL 2.1 or turn medium shaders on, the game doesn't crash.

In a very extreme instance, if I start the game with Metal enabled and on medium shaders, the mission works. But, if I change my graphics settings to low shaders mid-mission, the game immediately crashes.

When I check the crash log, one of the messages is "Mismatch in texture reduction DB."
I've noticed this start happening to me also, I don't know why but I will try the shader/engine change. Would be nice if this is fixed I feel bad leaving a partner hanging but my older macbook can't really handle the medium shaders gracefully.

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