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can i please have an option to ignore every single other player while in-game?
I'm guessing that the rude statements people make in the in-game public chat channels are bothering you? You can leave those channels by opening the chat window, right-clicking on the tab that says "General" on the right side of the window, and clicking "Leave Chat".

You can also type "/" for a list of chat commands, one of which is the command to leave any channel you wish.
I just want to play with all communication blocked. It would improve my gaming experience by a lot. With all I mean including the person I am playing against.
If you mean by never seeing chat, then yeah that should happen. I can understand wanting to play a 1-on-1 game without the other person chatting it up. This is not a social game when you are in a match, it's a competitive match of focus.

It's a good idea to put in under social options.
12/28/2017 05:53 PMPosted by Zephyn
a competitive match of focus.

rofl when i play i just kinda poop around on my keyboard until eventually something happens im not really focusing
somebody doesn't like to socialize :P
Isn't this already possible? With the exception of your opponent, because in some situations communication is necessary: 2min break, how many expansions do you have, how much money, would you like to play a rematch, how can i beat this, what was my mistake, ...

If your opponent is an !@#$%^-, block him temporarily.
if you are trying to remove general chat from showing while your in game:
Options --> social---> uncheck "show blizzard channels in game"
or do /leave general

If you are trying to ignore friends from messaging you try do not disturb or going invisible from the battle net launcher

If your trying to mute your opponent automatically before the game starts that is not a feature but you can mute him in the game
how can you mute a player while in a ladder match? F11?
what i would like is an option to turn off chat from ALL players at ALL times.
i understand how to block others and leave chat channels, but there is no way currently to silence all chat without manually blocking individual players.
i want no text from another player to appear on my screen at any time. my chat can be turned off as well; i don't plan to speak to anyone anyway.
the only exception to this would be players who are on my friends list, but even then i would like an option to not see any chat from even friends while i am in a game of sc2. once i finish my game, i would return to the menu screen and see a chat box with their messages just as i normally would.

heroes of the storm has this feature to turn off chat while in a match, so i don't see why this game can't have it as well.
i'm still hoping to get a mute all (except friend list) feature.
call it 'turn off chat'.
Rofl guy needs his safe space .
i'm just sick of all the !@#$ty people in this world.
it's like nobody even bothers to type anything anymore unless it's abuse.
everyone can sincerely gft

blizz please. all i want is to never see any other player speaking to me ever.

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