How do I get Unused units to show up?

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So I've tried loading dependencies for the campaigns and what have you, but certain unused units still aren't showing up. Is there a way to force all units, including incomplete ones, to be usable in the editor? I'm talking like things like Archon Amon, Plasma Battlecruiser, that weird crane thing, etc.
Not possible.

You'd have to manually configure the unit/actor entries for all of the unused content. Bear in mind that some of those models don't actually have animations suitable for use as a unit (the Hercules tank) or have missing textures (the female Ghost "Echo").
If it's not possible, then why are some of them usable in cortex roleplay like Echo?
Because like I said, you have to manually set them up in the Data Editor if you want to use them.

They aren't considered as "unused" units because they don't have actual data entries in any of the melee or campaign dependencies to begin with. Only their models and textures exist, and must be created by yourself in the Data Editor if you wish to use them.
^ This is correct. There are plenty of "skins" or models that are not in use by the blizzard dependencies. So what you need to do is find them in the models tab, and then link them up to the actor of whichever unit you are using.

This is my favorite overall SC2 editor tutorial, and it covers how models, actors, and units are all linked together
Thanks man. That guide will be useful. That's kinda what I was wondering. I was thinking about doing an article for the Cutting room floor wiki about Starcraft II so being able to do this will help out a lot.

edit: new problem, how do I get their models to show up in the models list? I've been looking in the data editor and I'm not getting any results when searching.
They don't have entries in the Models tab and are mostly buried in the game archives. You have to manually search for the models and then create a model entry first, then link it to your actor, and then finally the unit itself.

Going back to Echo for example, make a new entry for her model (duplicate the WoL version of Nova's unit since Echo is based on her) and then click on the Art: Model field.

When the Archive Browser pops up, type "GhostEcho.m3" or just "echo" in the search bar. After the model shows up in the list, highlight it and then click OK. You should know what to do from then on.

Many of the other hidden models that lack data entries must be made in this way. If you need to find their attachment points, then view the model in the Cutscene Editor and bring up its Properties.
Thanks! That helps a lot. I'll post again if I have anymore questions.
Okay, so that tutorial is obviously dated as it lists things that have been changed or moved in the editor. Also, for some reason the model entry isn't letting me link the model.

Edit: Nevermind I got it. yay!

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