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Hi, i want to make "coral reefs" for a game i am making. Basically they deal 2 damage per second to any unit in the area. How would i do this?
You can use triggers combined with a pre-placed Region (circular, square or composite shape; your choice) to automatically damage units that enter it.

Or you can copy and adjust what Blizzard did for the The Devil's Playground mission from the WoL campaign. Look specifically at the Lava Damage trigger under the Lava Surges folder (you will need to change some of the parameters for your corals).

Alternatively, use a data method by simply creating and placing a dummy unit with a Buff behaviour that activates a periodic Damage effect on all units that enter the Search Area radius.

For the latter, look at how Blizzard implemented the Psi Destroyer building from the HotS campaign (you will need either the Swarm or Void campaign dependencies activate to see it).
Thanks bro

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