Missing Skins 2017 War Chest

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Missing skins for 2017 War Chest.

The Customer support channel has told me to put my issue onto the Bug Report forum.

I paid for the 2017 War Chest, for the Zerg, and unlocked all the skins. I haven't played for around 5 months, and upon my return, I only have 2 skins from the WarChest, I don't seem to have any of the others.

Can somebody please help me.
Hi Addicting,

I took a look at your account and I see that you did purchase the StarCraft II War Chest: BlizzCon 2017 Zerg Pass which grants access to the War Chest during the event period. As the customer service representative stated in their reply to your customer service ticket, I was able to verify the experience you earned while playing after your purchase was enough progress to earn the skins you have currently unlocked, but not enough to unlock all of the skins. Due to the nature of the War Chest and the experience requirements during the event, we are not able to manually award skins or other War Chest rewards. The rewards had to be earned during the event period by earning the required experience.

- Kelphe
What the hell? So if I accidenntally lose all my skins somewhere in future, you will write same thing that it should be earned? Where is guarancy that we won't lose our progress and will be able to restore it?

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