Random mods added to my maps, why?

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Does anyone know why after I publish a map and play it a few times, that a random mod from someone else will be added to it?

I'd like to know how this keeps happening, and what I can do to stop it
When you publish the map, make sure you mark it as "private". That way other people can't open it in the editor, and re-publish it with their own changes.

If your talking about a melee map though, then it can always be run with an extension mod. It's not a part of the map, its just the way SC2 works that all melee maps can be run with extension mods.
Private and Public is whether other people can see your map when they search or not. Locked vs Unlocked is what you're describing. I've started making all my maps locked in an attempt to stop this from happening but I still can't play all of my maps without the random mods that have somehow been associated with it.

I'm making maps with no dependencies other than basic Melee stuff. I've tried Public, Private, Locked, Unlocked, and tried turning off Automatically Add Multiplayer Data. None of them have made a difference. The mods disappear on their own, but they're often replaced with different random mods. I'm so tired of this. I just want to play my own maps as Melees and have people playtest them.

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