"Can't play while game is initializing" problem

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Hi! I can't seem to play with my starcraft 2 acct. It just says can't play while the game is initializing. Also, the levels of my commanders in coop are listed as 0. What to do?
Hey babygal.

The steps below usually help with the "game is initializing" message and getting all your account information to load. Please do try these steps.

• Please run the Blizzard App with the Run as Administrator option.

• Make sure the Firewall in the computer and router is set up correctly.

Please run a full scan of the computer with an security program.

• I have seen some security programs cause this to happen before. Temporarily disable any security program.
Or try you can try moving the game folder away from "Program File x86" Folder. It worked for me when I move to another folder to "Game", C:\Games\.

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