How to make a region which is colored ingame?

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Hey guys.

The idea is to make my region visible on the map, most
likely colored, so i can see where it is ingame!
It cant be so hard, can it?

Thanks for help ;)!
Regions that you place in the Terrain Module are never visible outside of the Editor.

There isn't an easy way to do this, but there are alternatives for it. Like using a custom Lighting Region for instance. Just paint the section of the terrain that you want with a Light that only changes the colour of the terrain's diffuse/specular colour to whatever you want. Only downside is that you're limited to a maximum of three custom regions (it's technically four but your global light is counted as the fourth).

The other alternative is to replace the texture of an existing terrain decal doodad and simply tint it to whatever colour you want via HDR. You have a few more options since you can place more than three at a time and modify its scaling, but isn't as flexible when it comes to dimensions because you can't "paint" them onto the terrain like with the Lighting Region brush.

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