Remastered console skins are nice but bugged

Bug Report
  • On small resolutions like square one (1024x768, 1600x1200) your control groups may cover APM counter. I think it's not on your priority to fix, but some square-monitor users may be frustrated a bit.
  • Zerg icons do not fit into HUD icons grid. Best and easiest fix for that is to make it same as on Remastered Terran HUD skin - just fill that area with black. OR fix the grid. On Remastered Protoss HUD it feels and looks fine. And R-Terran HUD is the perfect example of best remastered control panel grid.
    • Currently:
    • Easy fix:

  • Just my opinion - Remastered Zerg HUD skin should be 10-15% darker. it feels very bright and doesn't fit even into Pink zergs with maxed color at 11 intensity.
  • Just my opinion - flashing lights on Remastered Terran HUD should be 50% less visible. When you look with your eyes on something in the middle of screen, these flashing and blickering lights on HUD may give you feeling that something has exploded nearby or there is a new unit moving. It's just distracting. These light animations on HUD should be 50% transparent from current look. Like on original default Terran SC2 HUD.
  • On the right side of Remastered Terran HUD half of that panel is covered with social/help buttons. Either move these buttons a bit, or move up that HUD border with red lights. OR just let us hide these buttons through ingame toggle option like "Hide Help/Social buttons" Easy fix: (already implemented on Remastered Protoss HUD)
  • APM counter doesn't track your APM when game is over (You won the game, and when you just playing after game has ended, APM stays 0). Thats not critical bug, but meh :)

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