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Hello all. It is day 5 in my struggle in creating a working trigger.
The trigger essentially aims to spawn units in waves every 45 seconds. These units spawned are being directly build from the structures representing them. This is a combination of DS and nexus wars style spawning.

The trigger I have right now is semi-functional but does not work in my favor.

Events :
Timer - Every 5.0 seconds of Game Time
Actions :
+Marine is Created (no unit,0)
Options: Action, Create Thread
Return Type: (None)
Untitled parameter 001 = no unit <unit>
Untitled parameter 001 = 0 <integer>
grammar text: +Marine is Created(Untitiled Parameter 001, Untitled Parameter
Hint Text: (None)
Custom Script Code
Local Varaiables
General - If (conditions) then do (actions) else do (actions)
(unit type of (triggering unit)) == Marine
(unit - order untitled parameter 001 to (attack point)(replace existing)

My intention is that every 45 seconds the barracks will create a marine. However, after the first 45 second mark the barracks que fills instantly (as in the action repeats itself 5 times in a row and continues to do so even after cancelling ques). I would set the behavior perodic time to 45 seconds however I want all barracks built, no matter their time, to que together. How do I do this? Can someone please help a fellow editor whos struggling out?
I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. Can you break up the above text into its different components? (function, action, trigger)

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