first time suspected hacker in a long time

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he would always move his units into defensive positions without possibly knowing i'm coming..

especially when i switch my mutas over to the other side and he starts insta making 3 turrets + moving marines to the destinations the mutas were heading for looked really suspicious...

by the end of the game he said i was hacking and that he was going to report me directly to some moderator he knows lololol
Wow - I extremely rarely even THINK that an opponent might be hacking, let alone accuse them of actually doing it, but if THIS replay doesn't prove hacking I don't know what does.

First, your opponent, a Random player starts by lying about his race - he says he's Zerg but is actually Terran. He has overall terrible mechanics: lots of overmins while microing, losing lots of units and even a mule to early pressure, aso.

But being an incompetent @*#%@%@@ does not mean he's cheating. However, that's where this analysis starts:

5:50 suddenly moves Widow Mine while Lings are engaging in the fog of war.

6:28 selects army and issues a command via mini map close to the overlord near the rocks he has no vision of at all.

6:45 moves army back to the left while Lings are engaging over the left flank in the fog of war (could be normal army movement though, since there's nothing to do at where his army is and his bases are to the left, which makes it even more odd to have moved there in the first place, though) - and even parks RIGHT on the ramp in the line of the attack path.

6:56 selects and moves his army to the other ramp as the Lings move from the 9 o'clock base location towards the nat, WITHOUT any vision or knowledge that the Lings are even THERE.

8:00 Terran hasn't scanned the Zerg's base ONCE. He has NO vision of anything except the absolute outer edges of Zerg's creep.

8:18 selects and moves army to the right of his 3rd, just when Zerg's army is moving in via the right flank - again, with no vision or knowledge that the army is even there.

9:57 Again, moves his whole army towards his third, while Zerg's army is moving to take down the rocks without him having ANY knowledge that the army is even there.

10:22 unloads 2 medivacs close to the 4th without knowing it is there. Could be educated guessing though, since it's normal for Zerg to have a 4th at that location by now.

At the same time, a flock of Mutas is moving across the map towards the natural through the fog of war - and he immediately throws down THREE turrets AND moves some Marines into position - LOL!

11:28 Selects army at forward natural ramp, first issues a command to move it UPWARDS the ramp, but SUDDENLY "decides" to send the army over to the 4th where the Zerg army is moving to through the fog of war. Then uses an alibi-scan.

12:14 loads up two medivacs and sends them close to the 5th base location, he doesn't know is there. Again, COULD be an educated guess, since it's a typical 5th base location at that time.

12:31 changes direction of the medivac towards the 5th base location, close to the watchtower and unloads. Zerg's army is on the other side of the map protecting 3 o'clock - he doesn't have any info about that.

13:16 activates medivac boost to get away from the curroptors that are closing in within the fog of war.

Some fishy moves could be coincidence or even educated guesses as I stated - but the amount of fishyness in this replay is off the scale. I support your claim that this player was cheating.

That being said: I know it's frustrating to play against someone whose moves seem extremely fishy like this guy. You still shouldn't let that get the better of you and start insulting or accusing your opponents ingame. Even if you have a justified reason to believe they are hacking, wait until after the game, check the replay, then report them. Don't forget that everyone's not guilty until proven so.

P.S.: You should post the replay on TeamLiquid, too:

Feel free to use my analysis list for it.
Looked like a hacker to me too.

Also hackers often accuse the other player of hacking after they get called out. Not sure why but its definitely a common response from them.

Pretty funny how garbage he was. He is also not very active, that one game is the only one he has played this season (ranked 1v1 anyway)
ya i just wanted some confirmation that i'm not crazy.. i haven't suspected anyone hacking in a very long time but this guy was just everywhere without scanning anything, or having units in scout places ... just very odd army movement if you don't actually have vision of ANYTHING AT ALL.

i can go post on liquid too i guess ..
04/02/2018 06:01 PMPosted by BassHabit
i can go post on liquid too i guess ..

Don't forget the replay ;-)

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